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Fri Jul 6, 2018 07:32

  • Welcome & Welcome Back to RMI - T28 Opening Feast - Headmaster Tobias Morgan, Fri Jul 6 06:50
    A gift basket had appeared at Headmaster Tobias Morgan’s door that morning, which he had found delightful until he opened it up and a small swathe of pixies had come pouring out. That had been the... more
    • Staff Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Fri Jul 6 07:32
      • Slowly coming to terms - Deputy Headmaster Bellamy Fell, Wed Jul 11 23:37
        “No, you can’t go in yet,” he repeated for the seventh time, once more reaching to place his hand on the opposite doorframe. The man had to almost immediately move his arm out of the way to... more
    • Aquila Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Fri Jul 6 07:32
      • Finally here! - Elliot Phippen, Sun Jul 8 11:57
        Before Elliot Phippen left for RMI, Mama reminded him of what she said about dueling (don’t lose and don’t get caught) and Dad reminded him to write every week. Then Ariana had hugged him so tight... more
        • And already bending the rules - Sadie Embers, Wed Jul 11 20:57
          “Ma!” Sadie’s impatient shriek startled the currently blonde haired infant into tears. Cosette Embers groaned and tried not to look annoyed at her older kid. “Could you just be patient for ten... more
          • It only took you one post - Elliot, Mon Jul 16 13:08
            Sadie was supposed to be at the Cetus bonfire and not sitting with Elliot and the other Aquilas, but he wasn’t complaining about having one of his best friends around. Now that Uncle Hayden had... more
            • Are we surprised? - Sadie, Mon Jul 16 20:08
              “No,” Sadie answered with the biggest roll of her eyes that she could muster, just to let Elliot know how much she hated that nonsense. She wanted to know where the passageways were, and her parents... more
              • Not in the slightest - Elliot, Tue Jul 17 22:54
                Sadie rolled her eyes so hard that they could’ve fallen out of her head, and Elliot laughed at her tone. “Probably pretty fast,” he answered her question, although he wasn’t sure. He’d packed all of... more
                • We know each other well - Sadie, Sat Jul 21 20:08
                  Sadie couldn’t wait to start exploring Rocky Mountain International. Pretty much everyone she’d ever known in her life had worked there, gone to school there, or both. There were lots of fun stories... more
      • Fire fire burning bright - Grayson Ioma, Fri Jul 6 21:23
        Over the past week, Grayson’s outlook on his new school alternated wildly between incredibly excited and unspeakably confused. The prospect of learning about a branch of reality that was completely... more
        • In the Diner here tonight - Nolan Ramsey, Sat Jul 7 12:26
          Instead of his family’s ranch in Oklahoma, Nolan had portkeyed to RMI from very close by in Boulder this year. About a half a mile from Pearl Street, in fact, where Nolan now owned a small amount of... more
          • What immortal pen or pencil - Grayson, Sat Jul 7 19:23
            “I got a pencil. Kinda. Will that work?” Grayson’s eye twinkled behind his glasses when he saw the pencil stub. “Perfect!” he exclaimed as he took the pencil. “This is even better! I’ve definitely... more
            • Could frame thy flaming utensil? - Nolan, Sat Jul 7 23:33
              Nolan wouldn’t have ever described his pencil as perfect—it didn’t even have an Ever-Sharpening Charm on it—but if the first year thought it was good enough for whatever he needed to write, then... more
              • In what distant pencil case - Grayson, Sun Jul 8 15:31
                ”You know, when you borrow stuff, you’re supposed to give it back.” Grayson blinked at the older kid. He wanted the pencil… back? Grayson turned back to the fire and blinked again. He was pretty sure ... more
                • Burnt the fire in this place? - Nolan, Tue Jul 10 18:00
                  The new Aquila seemed real confused about why Nolan would want the pencil he’d loaned him back. And honestly, getting the pencil back didn’t matter—like, Nolan probably would’ve forgotten all about... more
                  • With what lead dare we write? - Grayson, Tue Jul 17 17:49
                    ”What was that all about?” Grayson blinked at the older kid, then looked at the fire and blinked, then looked back to the older kid and blinked again. He wasn’t at all sure how to answer that... more
      • First Impressions - Georgina Philpott, Fri Jul 6 16:07
        “Holy shit,” Georgina grinned appreciatively as she turned slowly on the spot, taking in the people, the bonfires, the whole glorious spectacle that was Rocky Mountain International School for... more
        • Worth a second glance - Kaye Packman, Sat Jul 7 23:33
          “I’m just saying,” Kaye said over her shoulder before turning back to the mirror and finishing up the heavy black liner under her left eye, “Ruben totally could have stayed over to keep you company.” ... more
          • One to Watch - Georgina, Tue Jul 10 15:06
            Georgina had never seen a person who looked like the girl next to her. She’d seen some funny looking people, including a wizard with a beard that was as long as Gigi had been tall, and an old Muggle... more
            • I'll be watching you - Kaye, Fri Jul 13 21:44
              If only the girl had seen her shoes last year. The heels had been so high that Kaye wasn’t sure she could sit on the ground if she tried. Danny used magic to make a stool for her to sit on, which had ... more
              • To see if I'm naughty or nice? - Gigi, Sat Jul 14 15:49
                Kaye asked about Gigi’s prior interactions with house elves. The younger girl deliberated answering while she scooped up a mouthful of her rice salad with fruit in thing. It was pretty good -... more
                • Be naughty, it's more fun - Kaye, Mon Jul 16 10:37
                  Ah, so she did come from magic. That was neat. Kaye sometimes wondered what that would be like. She really enjoyed having both Muggle and magical influences in her life, though. She was supposed to... more
                  • We’re on the same page - Gigi, Tue Jul 17 09:59
                    “Ha, yes,” Georgina said through her food, “I’m going to be an animagus. Even if I’m something ridiculous.” She looked Kaye right in the eye as she said, “My Dad is a duck-billed platypus.” If that... more
    • Cetus Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Fri Jul 6 07:32
      • It’s quiet uptown - Emmett Lawrence, Sun Jul 8 10:20
        Emmett landed with both feet, his weight directly over top, his luggage firmly secure in his hands. The swirling Portkey air had affected him, but it had not disoriented him. Thus he landed, settled, ... more
        • Too quiet - Russell Drew, Sun Jul 8 19:57
          The summer had been too long. But also not long enough. Too long, due to the repeated passive-aggressive attempts of his mother to steer him towards decisions about college, information pamphlets... more
          • Not quiet enough, actually - Emmett, Sun Jul 15 10:30
            In avoiding the bonfires of his friends’ former Houses, Emmett had a 50-50 chance. And, as fate would of course have it, he had chosen wrong. Draco would have probably been better. There was nobody... more
            • Fortunately I have no words left - Russell, Sun Jul 15 22:19
              Emmett wasn’t often in a good mood. Specifically, not often in a good mood around him. In fact Russell was pretty sure that the only instance in which they had spent time together and the other boy... more
      • My name’s Vivica, and I’m a Cetus - Vivica Dixon, Fri Jul 6 15:11
        Vivica felt that time had flown by so quickly between the new student orientation event at RMI and the start of term. She had filled her time learning as much as she could about the wizarding world…... more
        • My name’s Drew, and… me too - Andrew Tennant, Fri Jul 6 17:37
          All things considered, Drew’s summer had been eventful in comparison to normal ones. First of all, a lot of weird magic stuff had been going on in the school. One day Drew had gotten up and walked... more
          • Vivica, now with that new car smell… - Vivica Dixon, Sat Jul 7 13:56
            No sooner had she spoke did she realise that not everyone sees things the way she did. The older student next to her was clearly used to it. Whether or not he was from a magical background, he was an ... more
            • Drew, new and improved - Drew, Sun Jul 8 15:36
              Pleased that his guess about her being Muggleborn was right—yay for him having investigative skills—Drew grinned back at the first year. “Drew Tennant,” he replied. “And don’t worry about it, it’s... more
              • I don't have a baseline to compare you with - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 10 09:40
                The c Vivica was awash with relief as Drew, very politely, offered her a soda. The worlds weren’t necessarily separated and there were normal muggle things in the magical realm too. “Yes please. Do... more
                • Then you have to believe me - Drew, Wed Jul 11 23:38
                  Drew grinned. “They do pretty much anything.” He wasn’t sure if orange soda would specifically be on the menu today—they usually tried to go a little fancier than usual during the opening feast—but... more
                  • I do, I do! But... brb - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 24 11:00
                    The mall sounded exciting. It was fairly obvious why it was third years or above that got to go there. Vivica assumed it was a mixed world mall… with the muggles and the magical folk. But the... more
      • Making enemies - Claudia Dubois, Fri Jul 6 08:56
        She permitted Dardanius to bid her farewell, as he repeated assurances that he would visit if she wanted him to (Claudia considered that to be excessively unlikely but she was sensitive to his... more
        • Hopefully not with me - Connor Farnon, Fri Jul 6 17:37
          The summer had been quite dull, honestly. Even though his father had taken him to a variety of social events, the lack of other children in the Farnon manor had been unsettling at best. Connor had... more
          • Certainly not - Claudia, Sat Jul 7 16:41
            While Claudia would usually be pleased to see Connor, she was loathe to allow him to witness her current state of weakness. He had been overwhelmingly supportive of her last term, and such agreeable... more
            • Well that's a relief - Connor, Sat Jul 7 17:23
              Out of the corner of Connor’s eye, he noticed his brother walk up to the Cetus fire and then turn away quickly. He hoped that Claudia hadn’t seen Dade. Connor was so focused on Claudia’s well being... more
              • I'd like some relief - Claudia, Sun Jul 8 16:22
                Connor offered his arm to her, and Claudia’s stomach twisted again, but this time it was a different sort of squirm, one completely unassociated with her currents distress at the bonfires, and far... more
                • “Not very much of her, no,” Connor responded. “My stepmother went on holiday for a bit as well, so the manor was rather quiet.” Had Connor not already been escorting Claudia to a seat, he would have... more
                  • I want it Now! - Claudia, Tue Jul 10 06:13
                    A brief contact with her arm alerted Claudia that Connor had returned. She opened her eyes, and needed to repeat the process because initially it had seemed to Claudia that Dade was ushering Marley... more
                    • Whatever the lady wishes - Connor, Thu Jul 12 08:03
                      Much to his horror, Connor realized that Claudia thought she was being a burden on him. Hastily, he rushed to reassure her that was not the case. “No, of course not,” he said in response to her hope... more
                      • I could get used to this - Claudia, Sat Jul 14 16:16
                        Connor made a compelling case against Claudia being, as she had assumed, a burden. The blonde fifth year felt a complex tugging of emotions at his assertion that despite her pathetic and dependent... more
    • Draco Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Fri Jul 6 07:31
      • No more disappearing boy - Keith Allen, Sun Jul 8 14:21
        Keith Allen had felt like he had disappeared the last term. In truth, RMI had been a struggle for him. The coursework and homework had been a bit much for the then eleven-year-old to grasp. Magic... more
        • Chasing a Ghost - Jesse Keller, Sun Jul 8 14:49
          When Jesse’s mother had asked all about his roommate and Jesse had been unable to tell her anything at all beyond Keith’s name and a basic physical description, she had thrown her hands up in a... more
          • Where's Scooby-Doo when you need him? - Keith, Sun Jul 8 15:27
            Keith was happy to see that the person he had spoken to was none other than his roommate, Jesse. Charles had been surprised when Keith had mentioned not knowing much about his roommate besides his... more
            • Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? - Jesse, Tue Jul 10 15:55
              Keith prevented Jesse from chasing after the chilli before the dark haired boy had even lifted his buttocks from the floor. His roommate said he had eaten too much of the dish one time, and had been... more
              • We got some work to do now - Keith, Tue Jul 10 18:01
                Keith munched on his fries as Jesse nodded that he had a good summer. When his roommate spoke, next Keith heard the melancholy in his voice. This caused the blonde haired boy to frown a bit. Yet, his ... more
                • Working out nicely - Jesse, Fri Jul 13 06:50
                  "Of course not! I don't think you are fat and there's no reason to move your stuff," Keith said. Jesse did not think he was fat, either - he wasn’t skinny like Felix, but there weren’t just fat and... more
                  • Yes it is! - Keith, Fri Jul 13 16:54
                    Jesse said he would come to a sleepover and Keith grinned at him. Charles would be ecstatic if Keith made friends this term. In fact, his dad had made him promise to make friends this term. The... more
                    • Friendship looking likely - Jesse, Sat Jul 14 15:22
                      “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse commented. Admittedly his parents were a witch and a wizard, and consequently all of his grandparents knew about magic, ... more
                      • Yay Friends! - Keith, Sun Jul 15 14:54
                        “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse said, and Keith nodded in agreement. As a small kid, his Dad had talked about the wizarding world a lot, but his mom... more
                        • It's settled - Jesse, Mon Jul 16 15:00
                          Keith praised computers, and Jesse nodded in fervent agreement. His family did not own a single computer between them, because his parents did not have a lot of money, and insisted - much like... more
                          • Yes it is. - Keith, Wed Jul 18 15:20
                            Keith smiled when Jesse nodded in agreement about his comments on computers. He had wanted his own for a while, but Dad thought they were useless, and Mom had a computer for the whole family but... more
                            • Sorted. - Jesse, Sun Jul 22 15:07
                              Keith knew a lot more about comic books than Jesse did. His Dad took him to a comic book shop every weeks, and he was going to receive them by mail while he was at school, and he knew there was a... more
      • Imagining the Future - Remington Burnham, Sun Jul 8 01:32
        The portkey dropped Remington off in the Finer Diner with ease. After an activity filled summer, it was nice to return to the relative predictability of school. The Draco made it a point to emphasize ... more
        • Judging the Present - Joseph Blair, Wed Jul 11 15:57
          The first thing Joey did when following the other first-years into the Diner was wave enthusiastically towards the staff fire at the front of the room where his Auntie, Uncle, and baby cousins were... more
          • Do we appreciate it? - Remington, Mon Jul 16 09:49
            Remington realized that her job at Opening Feasts seemed to be educating people. One of her favorite conversations was the year that she met Anssi. They’d talked about Johnny Appleseed, and she’d... more
      • Almost too shy for this - Leah Roth, Fri Jul 6 17:43
        Leah hadn’t been particularly surprised when her dreamcatcher had assumed the Draco colours of red and gold, but that was because she hadn’t given a single thought to which RMI house she would be... more
        • But not too shy, so you're still okay? - Teal Rosse, Fri Jul 6 20:41
          Teal Rosse had been dreading her fifth year since her first year at RMI. Not because fifth year was when classes generally got Tough, not because it meant she was more than halfway done, but because... more
          • I'm ... fine - Leah, Sun Jul 8 05:20
            Teal. What a beautiful name that was. It made Leah think of merpeople, which – no surprise there – she found fascinating. Nevertheless, without the girl’s reminder, she wouldn’t have remember that a... more
            • We are in the Finer Diner - Teal, Thu Jul 12 00:26
              There weren’t many people who were afraid of food, but apparently, this firstie was one of them. Her eyes widened at the dumpling before she asked quietly if it had meat. Teal shrugged and made a... more
              • Okay, so let's dine! - Leah, Sat Jul 14 04:48
                Vegans… Were they the people who only ate fruit? Leah definitely wouldn’t ask now for fear of making a fool of herself, but she wrote herself a mental note to look that up later. However, she... more
                • Now you’re getting it - Teal, Sat Jul 14 23:32
                  Teal was glad to see Leah, the firstie, grab some food. The other girl had an intriguing accent that Teal couldn’t place, but by now, at the grand old age of 15, she knew better than to ask. She... more
                  • And I want to get so much more! - Leah, Thu Jul 19 15:49
                    Surprisingly, Teal was very eager to answer Leah’s Internet question. (The fifth-year talked a lot, and a smile lingered on her face while she gestured to underline her words.) But maybe she was only ... more
    • Lyra Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Fri Jul 6 07:31
      • I did my waiting! Twelve years of it! - Tycho Leppit, Sat Jul 7 17:10
        “If you keep squirming, I’m gonna stab you, and it’ll be only slightly on accident.” Tycho made a grumpy noise and crossed his arms, which his mother also chided him for because “I am trying to pin... more
        • I don't think twelve years was long enough - Magdalena Adler, Sun Jul 8 18:33
          Alena had turned fourteen in May and whilst thirteen had seemed very mature a year ago it had since become clear to her that fourteen was the age that truly marked a turning point in a young lady’s... more
      • All Grown Up - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Jul 7 11:51
        Katherine Kendrick was a third year and she was going to be a big sister and she knew she had big shoes to fill so she was definitely going to fill them. Not literally. Before Marissa had moved all... more
        • And just as lovely - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 8 15:43
          After the last few days travelling back from across America, Satveer was glad to be back at school. His break was relaxing, but he’d missed the freedom that was his own space at School. Five people... more
          • A rose by any other name - Katherine, Fri Jul 13 06:49
            It was Kit’s Katherine’s friend Satveer who she had offered her hand to, and the redhead beamed when he called her Katherine instead of Kit. It was catching on! Soon everyone was going to be calling... more
            • "I didn't teach him that" - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 22 11:20
              Satveer felt overjoyed. His highly anticipated return to RMI, and carefully orchestrated gift couldn’t have gone any better. Well it could have, but Satveer would leave pondering the possibilities... more
              • How do you know? - Katherine, Mon Jul 23 07:46
                Satveer jumped like, a million and ten points on Katherine’s scale of people who were cool at RMI when he did a Stitch impression. It obviously wasn’t as good as Kit’s Stitch impression because... more
                • I've always kept a close eye on.... where'd he go? - Satveer Mittal, Tue Jul 24 07:48
                  Other than what Katherine had told him, Satveer had no clue as to what traits 565 had to offer. He was however immensely comforted by the fact that Katherine had deemed him worthy of a likeness.... more
                  • He escaped! - Katherine, Wed Jul 25 16:51
                    Apparently Satveer wasn’t good at ‘three-dimensional creativity’ which was totally Kit’s jam, but he wanted her to teach him! That was just the best, Kit loved it when people were interested in the... more
                    • Have you still got your left shoe? - Satveer, Fri Jul 27 09:20
                      Satveer heard the words “Super yes!” and he felt his dread dissipate and his relief light up like a firework. He was overflowing of excitement. A super(yes) happy smile happened across his face and... more
      • New Year, New You [Marley] - Dade Farnon, Sat Jul 7 09:32
        “Dade I swear to Merlin I am going to stick that dreamcatcher to your face and you’re going to have to get Professor McKindy to remove it when you get to school, so help me,” Rose had yelled as she... more
        • Have things really changed that much? - Marley Chapman, Sat Jul 7 23:12
          “As for our new prefects...” Marley had zoned out of Headmaster Toby’s speech a bit. That wasn’t at all because he was boring or anything like that - the exact opposite, really; he was a very lively... more
          • You'd be surprised - Dade, Wed Jul 11 15:47
            Marley had seated herself next to Dade and he wiped suddenly sweaty palms on his jeans. He was about to say something, but first Marley was talking and then there was a loud crack and there were... more
            • You're right, I feel very surprised - Marley, Thu Jul 12 17:28
              Repeating that he needed to talk to her, Dade leaned in closer. She didn't return the gesture - the Diner wasn't that loud and she could hear him fine, and if he was trying to tell her a secret... more
              • I deliver on my promises - Dade, Thu Jul 12 18:37
                “I’m not gay!” Dade said, loudly enough that one of the Lyra kids looked over in their direction. He colored and glared pointedly at the fire. He wasn’t gay. Marley was gay, but he wasn’t. Even if... more
                • Marley was quickly feeling lost-er as Dade went on. Some of the things he was saying were making sense on their own, but then they were strung together with parts that didn't make much sense at all,... more
                  • A surprise, we just went over this - Dade, Wed Jul 18 17:32
                    Why was Marley so frustrating? Dade shut his hazel eyes and underneath his lids, looked up at the ceiling for patience. All he was trying to do was warn her about Claudia. If nobody was going to take ... more
      • Seventh the Best - Myfanwy Owen, Fri Jul 6 15:37
        The past two years at RMI had flown by ridiculously quickly. Myfanwy had gone from a fifth year transfer knowing nobody, to a tall, confident seventh year with plenty of friends. Her usually pale... more
        • Sorry, I can't share your enthusiasm - Leopold Harris, Sat Jul 7 11:09
          At the start of summer Leo had fallen back into hanging around street corners with the old crowd but in his absence, one of the guys had gotten a girlfriend, and since Miguel's girlfriend was always... more
          • I'll be enthused for both of us - Myfanwy, Sun Jul 8 15:32
            “I’ll settle for better than the last,” Leo said, and Myffi graced him with an expression that was part sympathetic, because the implication was that his last year had not been great, and part... more
            • I knew I could count on you - Leo, Wed Jul 11 08:41
              Leo’s second fourth year had actually been a much better year than all the previous ones at RMI combined. He’d finally got caught up on his studies, got a main role in the school musical and was... more
              • It's what friends are for - Myfanwy, Thu Jul 12 07:04
                Leo brushed off his summer in the way Myffi would have expected him to, and returned the question to her instead. She nodded enthusiastically while she finished her mouthful of flatbread, before... more
                • Ooh you're my best friend - Leo, Mon Jul 16 16:27
                  Yeaaah, Myffi’s summer had gone pretty much exactly how he’d imagined it but the hiking part actually sounded cool. “Nice. I wouldn’t mind going hiking but I don’t know if I could spend twenty-two... more
                  • I think you might be mine - Myffi, Tue Jul 17 14:59
                    She tried not to be surprised when Leo confessed he might enjoy hiking. Even though he played Quidditch and attended AgriClub, Myfanwy hadn’t thought of him as an especially outdoorsy sort of person. ... more
      • Seeking attention - Eugene Hardy, Fri Jul 6 10:30
        Eugene had never actually been to a school before but the movies made them seem like real grim places filled with nasty people who cared too much about what other people wore and what their parents... more
        • Attending with Enthusiasm - Hunter Ioma, Fri Jul 6 21:00
          Shifting his stance during portkey travel was not only quite a challenge, but remarkably uncomfortable, Hunter discovered. But he has missed an entire year at RMI and had spent pretty much the entire ... more
          • You've been a great audience. - Eugene, Wed Jul 11 11:56
            “ Bhlghaaaaaa, ” Eugene repeated with enthusiasm. If it was as fun to eat as it was to say then he’d stumbled on a real winner. He shuffled closer to the student, arms raised slightly at his side,... more
            • Let's give him a hand, folks - Hunter, Mon Jul 16 19:00
              “Do you know my brother?” The new kid had nodded vaguely in the direction of Leo and Myffi. Hunter didn’t think it was very likely that Myffi was Eugene’s brother so he probably meant Leo. Also the... more
              • *takes a bow* - Eugene, Mon Jul 16 20:04
                Eugene nodded when Hunter didn’t seem 100% sure what year Leopold was in. That made sense. Sometimes Eugene got confused about how old Leopold was and what year he was in too because once Leopold was ... more
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