Andrew Tennant
My name’s Drew, and… me too
Fri Jul 6, 2018 17:37

All things considered, Drew’s summer had been eventful in comparison to normal ones. First of all, a lot of weird magic stuff had been going on in the school. One day Drew had gotten up and walked out of his room half-asleep and not realized he was in Kaz’s apartment until he opened a cabinet and found an overwhelming amount of loose-leaf tea. He’d gone home right after that, but Madeleine had been missing for three whole hours until Professor Boot returned her. (Dying to know, Drew had asked what his apartment was like. Madeleine said it was normal except that he had lots of flowers in vases, and that Professor Boot had been very nice and given her cinnamon sugar swirl pancakes with cream cheese frosting.) Then there had been the time everything turned green, and then the pancakes thing (if he was being honest, Drew didn’t mind that one)—it was kind of funny but also odd to not know if the building would still be normal when you woke up every day.

Fortunately none of that stuff had gone on when Remy had visited for a few days. They’d gone to some concerts in the park and made pillow forts and giant hair bows (that was more a Remington and Madeleine thing, but Drew had participated anyway—he figured he could give the bow to Darlene for her birthday, which was in a couple months) and it had been awesome. Drew never really got to have friends visit his place. Dad and Remy’s parents had talked about maybe letting him go visit her next summer, which Drew was sure would be even more awesome.

Because his parents worked at RMI and he lived at the school, Drew didn’t have to portkey in like the rest of the students. Instead he could already be in the Finer Diner when the rest of the students arrived, which meant he was waiting by the Lyra bonfire to greet his girlfriend. Drew didn’t usually write letters, but over the summer he’d figured out how international owling worked so he could send letters to Darlene.

After he said hi to Darlene and hugged her, Drew went over to the Cetus bonfire where he belonged. He clapped vigorously for the new Ceti, especially Sadie, and also for Tycho, who was Dad’s godson and who Drew was perfectly happy to be in a different House from. Hopefully this year all of Drew’s friends would get along, and no one would fight anyone, except for in self-defense club, when they were supposed to be fighting. Actually that wasn’t too bad an idea. Maybe Remy and Dade could just duel it out and then they would be okay again. According to Ruben, resolving interpersonal issues was one of the things dueling was for. Then there was Kit and Darlene—Drew didn’t think they could duel that out, and he wasn’t sure what to do about it but he was pretty sure it was gonna be capital-T Trouble soon.

Then the house elves came out with food, and Drew was distracted from those thoughts as he helped himself to a steaming bowl of rice and sweet and sour chicken. “Isn’t this awesome?” the girl next to him asked, as Drew chose a fork instead of chopsticks (he knew his limits).

By now, most RMI things were pretty normal for Drew, but the opening feast was always pretty special, with the bonfires and everyone getting back together after the summer. Plus he figured that if you were Muggleborn and had never seen magic before, it would be especially epic. “Yeah,” he answered, grinning at the first-year. “It’s pretty cool. Are you new to magic?”

  • My name’s Vivica, and I’m a Cetus - Vivica Dixon, Fri Jul 6 15:11
    Vivica felt that time had flown by so quickly between the new student orientation event at RMI and the start of term. She had filled her time learning as much as she could about the wizarding world…... more
    • My name’s Drew, and… me too - Andrew Tennant, Fri Jul 6 17:37
      • Vivica, now with that new car smell… - Vivica Dixon, Sat Jul 7 13:56
        No sooner had she spoke did she realise that not everyone sees things the way she did. The older student next to her was clearly used to it. Whether or not he was from a magical background, he was an ... more
        • Drew, new and improved - Drew, Sun Jul 8 15:36
          Pleased that his guess about her being Muggleborn was right—yay for him having investigative skills—Drew grinned back at the first year. “Drew Tennant,” he replied. “And don’t worry about it, it’s... more
          • I don't have a baseline to compare you with - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 10 09:40
            The c Vivica was awash with relief as Drew, very politely, offered her a soda. The worlds weren’t necessarily separated and there were normal muggle things in the magical realm too. “Yes please. Do... more
            • Then you have to believe me - Drew, Wed Jul 11 23:38
              Drew grinned. “They do pretty much anything.” He wasn’t sure if orange soda would specifically be on the menu today—they usually tried to go a little fancier than usual during the opening feast—but... more
              • I do, I do! But... brb - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 24 11:00
                The mall sounded exciting. It was fairly obvious why it was third years or above that got to go there. Vivica assumed it was a mixed world mall… with the muggles and the magical folk. But the... more
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