Teal Rosse
But not too shy, so you're still okay?
Fri Jul 6, 2018 20:41

Teal Rosse had been dreading her fifth year since her first year at RMI. Not because fifth year was when classes generally got Tough, not because it meant she was more than halfway done, but because in her fifth year, Teal would no longer be by herself. Her style would be cramped, perhaps permanently. There was nothing lamer than having to deal with your kid sister. Violet, Teal’s obnoxious younger sister, was finally here.

Violet was a brat. Teal had noticed it each summer she’d been home, and it’d been even worse this year. Vi was excited about RMI-- excited that Teal wouldn’t be the only one anymore, excited to learn “some good” spells (which probably meant curses), and excited to be a right pain in the ass. Mom and Dad were probably looking forward to Vi being gone. They’d have the whole house to themselves, except for Godzilla. Teal had accidentally seen the way her parents acted when they didn’t think their daughters were there. The iguana wasn’t going to be much of a chaperone.

Vi, however, was. Merlin only knew what would happen if Vi saw Teal and her girlfriend together. Despite the fact that Teal and Marley had been sorta-dating for over a year now, the Draco still hadn’t told her parents. (Teal determinedly thought of it as dating, but she also knew that it wasn’t much dating when most of your dates were study dates. Although there had been that date at the end of the year…) She didn’t have a good reason why not. Her parents had even told her they wanted to know if she was dating anyone. They both seemed suspicious of the amount of letters from Mister Sprockets. And she didn’t like lying to them, either. But all the times she’d try to tell them over the summer, Teal just couldn’t get the words out of her mouth.

It was hard to just admit to your parents that there was something different about you. That you weren’t normal (and Teal knew intellectually that It Was Okay To Be Gay), that there was some big thing about you that made you different from the standard person. Being bi would make your life more difficult-- this past year alone proved it. Who would have thought so many people at RMI were so old-fashioned? There were people out there who would hex you just because you were different, and Teal didn’t want her parents to worry about that happening to her.

She also didn’t want her parents to take a picture of her and Vi heading off to school, and YET, there was Dad with a camera. “Great griffins, Dad, I don’t think we need a picture,” she said, ducking her head and blushing. Ward Rosse objected boisterously, loudly proclaiming that of course he needed a picture of his two girls going off to school together for the first time.

Vi, seeing that Teal objected, immediately grabbed her sister’s arm. “Teal, don’t you waaaant to be in a picture with meeeeeeee??” She smiled a devious smile.

“Ahh!-- Get off!” Teal squirmed, over Mom’s laughter. “Come on, it’s almost time. You won’t be able to get a picture--” and she heard the shutter snap, just as she felt the familiar lurch of her belly. Great. Dad got his picture of his two little girls going off to school just as the portkey activated. Teal couldn’t wait to see how that one turned out.

The now-fifth year snorted a little as she saw Violet, in her new school robes, sprawled on the floor of the Finer Diner. Someone didn’t know how to portkey! That ought to put a dent in the kid’s attitude. Teal turned away from her sister, brushed off her bright orange dress, and headed over to the Draco fire. She was wearing shorts under the dress so she wouldn’t flash anyone, since they all had to sit cross-legged on the floor. As usual, Teal was hungry, but Headmaster Toby had to give his welcome speech. She clapped enthusiastically as Violet was sorted into Aquila (Mom would be proud, and Teal could avoid her sister more easily). She didn’t expect Violet to join any other house, especially not Draco, but it was a relief.

Myffi the Hippie and Russell the ProblablyVampire became Head Girl and Boy, which surprised and somewhat concerned Teal. First of all, they’d transferred in fairly late, so how were they the best that RMI had to offer? Second, Myffi had totally messed with all the Diner food last year (even though she’d apparently been cleared of all wrongdoing, Teal still suspected her). But whatever, at least it wasn’t Heather or Kaye. But then Teal heard her own name being called and gave a whoop of delight. She and Marley were Prefects!!! They were Prefects TOGETHER! Teal grinned like an idiot as she accepted the pin from Headmaster Toby. She couldn’t help hugattacking Marley (in front of the whole school!! That was worse than Potions that one time!) and jumping up and down a little before relinquishing the other girl to her own bonfire. Marley was a Prefect too!!

Teal skipped happily back to the Draco bonfire. She and Marley were Prefects, her common room would be safe from Violet, and it was time for food!! Only the girl sitting next to her didn’t look quite as happy or excited. She looked downright nervous, as a matter of fact. Well, as newly minted Prefect, it was Teal’s job to welcome all the firsties. Although Teal was so excited right now she wasn’t liable to make a good impression. She snagged two dumplings from a house-elf and plopped down next to the shy girl.

“Hi there! I’m Teal. Which you might know already, cos they called my name,” she gestured vaguely up at the staff bonfire. “Cos I’m a prefect! It’s so exciting. Anyway, how do you like it so far? Was it the portkeys? They can be rough, don’t worry,” she said sympathetically. Now time to cheer her up. Food cheered everyone up. She offered the dumpling, safely held in a napkin, to the other girl. “Hungry?”

  • Almost too shy for this - Leah Roth, Fri Jul 6 17:43
    Leah hadn’t been particularly surprised when her dreamcatcher had assumed the Draco colours of red and gold, but that was because she hadn’t given a single thought to which RMI house she would be... more
    • But not too shy, so you're still okay? - Teal Rosse, Fri Jul 6 20:41
      • I'm ... fine - Leah, Sun Jul 8 05:20
        Teal. What a beautiful name that was. It made Leah think of merpeople, which – no surprise there – she found fascinating. Nevertheless, without the girl’s reminder, she wouldn’t have remember that a... more
        • We are in the Finer Diner - Teal, Thu Jul 12 00:26
          There weren’t many people who were afraid of food, but apparently, this firstie was one of them. Her eyes widened at the dumpling before she asked quietly if it had meat. Teal shrugged and made a... more
          • Okay, so let's dine! - Leah, Sat Jul 14 04:48
            Vegans… Were they the people who only ate fruit? Leah definitely wouldn’t ask now for fear of making a fool of herself, but she wrote herself a mental note to look that up later. However, she... more
            • Now you’re getting it - Teal, Sat Jul 14 23:32
              Teal was glad to see Leah, the firstie, grab some food. The other girl had an intriguing accent that Teal couldn’t place, but by now, at the grand old age of 15, she knew better than to ask. She... more
              • And I want to get so much more! - Leah, Thu Jul 19 15:49
                Surprisingly, Teal was very eager to answer Leah’s Internet question. (The fifth-year talked a lot, and a smile lingered on her face while she gestured to underline her words.) But maybe she was only ... more
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