Hunter Ioma
Attending with Enthusiasm
Fri Jul 6, 2018 21:00

Shifting his stance during portkey travel was not only quite a challenge, but remarkably uncomfortable, Hunter discovered. But he has missed an entire year at RMI and had spent pretty much the entire time thinking about how it would be to go back. Except for the uncomfortably large amount of time he had spent unconscious of course, but he didn’t like to think about that.

Looking back he was fairly certain he should have been a lot more careful when trying to make his own exploding magical sportball than he had been, but luckily the secret passages hadn’t been damaged and he wasn’t too deep in them so he had been found pretty quickly, and Headmaster Morgan had said he could come back and repeat his third year once he was all healed. Which was definitely good because he did not want to move on to fourth year before completing third. That would just be silly.

The time had been well-spent, though. Not only had he been homeschooled for math and science and poetry and stuff, but he also kept working on his quodpot quod. The quodpot demonstration in his first year had just been so cool, but it wasn’t all that popular at RMI so he figured if he wanted to play he’d have to make his own quod.

His parents had given him a long talk about safety, but finally told him he could keep working on it as long as he could find an adult to help him. Hunter had written to professor Rob, who had put him in touch with someone he knew from someplace called Davis Apothecary. Deedee would come over on weekends and they’d use the large field near Hunter’s house as an open-air lab. It turned out that making brightly colored smoke and a large (but not too large) whoompf was a lot more complicated than just combining concentrated forms of all the stuff that had made his potions accidentally explode in class.

They managed to make a quod that made a huge, colorful smoke cloud with an impressive whoompf that wouldn’t really hurt other than to knock you off your broom if you were on one, but never got around to making a neutralizing solution. They both agreed that the awesome explosion of smoke was really the important part anyway.

The time was a lot more fun than he had thought recovering from a major injury would be, but he still missed RMI terribly. He dreamt about what it would be like to be back, and decided he definitely needed to make a dramatic entrance. Having seen plenty of superhero movies, the so-called “hero landing” pose was an obvious choice. He had practiced the pose in the privacy of his room a lot.

Moving around while being transported by portkey was definitely not fun and really difficult, but somehow Hunter managed. The redhead popped into existence in the main hallway of RMI with his right knee and fist on the ground and his left arm thrown out behind him as if for balance.

No one really noticed because of course to avoid crashing into people suddenly appearing people didn’t really hang around in the hallway before the opening feast. But Hunter knew he looked insanely cool, so that was ok.

Entering the diner the first thing Hunter noticed was the giant dreamcatcher over the Lyra fire, which he vaguely thought meant Lyra had won the house cup last year, which was cool. Grinning madly with delight to finally be back, the short and gangly fourteen-year-old bounded over to the green and brown fire and, too excited to sit just yet, started running it waving each lap at everyone who was already there. After something like two dozen times around he turned his run into a roll and wound up on his back with his limbs splayed out, catching his breath and just enjoying being back.

He jolted up to a sitting position once the first years came in and spotted his brother right away. Hunter waved, but Grayson didn’t see him. He was busy looking around at the diner and the fires which made sense, Hunter had been stunned and amazed when he first saw them, too. He kept his eyes on Grayson, intensely curious about what house he would wind up in. He was hoping for Lyra of course but it’s not like he didn’t see people in other houses all the time, so really he just hoped Grayson liked whichever house he was in. Hunter couldn’t get a good look at Grayson’s dreamcatcher from where he was, but his brother headed off towards the Aquila fire, which made sense to Hunter.

Satisfied that for now at least that his brother had enough to keep him occupied for a while, Hunter turned and thanked the first Elf that happened by and took the offered dish. It turned out to be spicy bulgogi on rice. Of course in his enthusiasm he had eaten quite a lot before discovering just how spicy it was. Suddenly desperate for a drink but not wanting to put the food down, Hunter decided to wolf it all down as fast as he could and then find something to drink.

“Hey, what’s that?”

The first year appeared so suddenly that Hunter wondered if he’d arrived by portkey. Hunter’s mouth was very full, but he didn’t want the new kid to think he didn’t want to talk to him so he covered his mouth with one hand and said “Bulgogi!”

Or at least he tried to. Not only was it hard to get it out with his mouth full, even that brief a pause in chewing made all the spiciness of the dish catch up with him and he immediately began sucking in air to try to cool his mouth down. So what he actually said was more like “Bhlghaaaaaaaaa!”

Setting his dish down carefully Hunter stood and resumed chewing, hopping from foot to foot and swallowing as soon as he was able. He held out one finger to ask the first year to hold on for a moment while Hunter grabbed a convenient glass of milk with hurried thanks to the Elf carrying it and chugged it down in one go.

“Sorry about that,” he gasped to younger kid. “Spicy bulgogi. Very spicy. Super tasty, though.” Holding out his hand, he introduced himself, “Hunter Ioma, third year.”

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    • Attending with Enthusiasm - Hunter Ioma, Fri Jul 6 21:00
      • You've been a great audience. - Eugene, Wed Jul 11 11:56
        “ Bhlghaaaaaa, ” Eugene repeated with enthusiasm. If it was as fun to eat as it was to say then he’d stumbled on a real winner. He shuffled closer to the student, arms raised slightly at his side,... more
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          • *takes a bow* - Eugene, Mon Jul 16 20:04
            Eugene nodded when Hunter didn’t seem 100% sure what year Leopold was in. That made sense. Sometimes Eugene got confused about how old Leopold was and what year he was in too because once Leopold was ... more
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