Leopold Harris
Sorry, I can't share your enthusiasm
Sat Jul 7, 2018 11:09

At the start of summer Leo had fallen back into hanging around street corners with the old crowd but in his absence, one of the guys had gotten a girlfriend, and since Miguel's girlfriend was always around sucking his face, the guys soon found themselves in a swarm of squawking girls. At first Leo had found this all very inconvenient; girls were loud and giggly (Leo could never figure out what they were laughing at. Him?!) and always ended up drinking your beer, but then one of the girls, Rosita started smiling at him a lot and suddenly Leo found he didn’t mind all the extra estrogen after all.

It turned out Rosita had heard all about the fancy boarding school Leo was attending and whilst no one could seem to figure out how Leo had got into such a snazzy school (it was clear to everyone he wasn’t gifted with some secret scholarship smarts) it was a topic which inspired both ridicule and awe amongst his friends. Rosita seemed to be under the impression that Leo was attending the sort of school you might meet a future world leader in and Leo wasn’t about to to dissuade this line of thought if it was encouraging her familiarity. No one had been as surprised as Leo when Rosita decided she wanted to make things ‘official’ between the two of them. Having a girlfriend came with lots and lots of perks, and the bragging rights did much for his reputation amongst the boys but Leo was getting sick of Rosita now. It soon became clear they didn’t have all that much in common and she was constantly complaining they didn’t spend enough time with her friends, whereas Leo felt that five minutes in their company was more than should be required of him. With the one real perk of their relationship about to be made impossible by distance he had decided they should break up, but breaking up with someone seemed a gnarly sort of business. Leo had no great desire to make Rosita cry or worse- to make her mad. So he had sensibly decided that he would allow his silence to do the job. She’d get the message eventually.

As glad as he was to be free of Rosita’s demanding presence, Leo was looking forward to seeing Myffi. He hadn’t kept in touch over the Summer but Leo never kept in touch with anyone. He had never been one for letter writing, letters tended to flit between being overly sentimental or terribly mundane. Leo didn’t much see the point of them. If you liked someone enough to write to them it just meant you were setting yourself up for a lot of poor conversations in the future because it’s not like you’d have anything new to say when you actually saw each other again. Anyway, Leo didn’t have hours to just throw away letting someone know that, no he hadn’t done anything nice this month and yes, it was still difficult putting up with Mom and Jeb’s constant campaign against his character- besides Leo had been just a little distracted during the holidays.

When he arrived in the Finer Diner for the feast he was in a funny mood. He was surprised to find that he was glad to be back, a feeling he had no doubt would drift off before the end of the week, but as was becoming habit he was regretting his disastrous first attempt at fourth year all over again. It was humiliating to be on the brink of seventeen but stuck in fifth year and saddening to think that this was Myffi’s final year. He took a seat at the Lyra bonfire, glasses poking carelessly out of his jean pocket, without making much of an effort to greet anyone and turned to watch the sorting. It took a moment to locate Eugene amongst them but once the sorting started to take place it would have been impossible to miss the small boy- he was making such a fuss. Leo rolled his eyes in irritation. Well, yeah you little shit. Of course you ‘got in’, everyone gets in but disturbingly Eugene was flashing around a green dreamcatcher. So it appeared that once again life had decided to deal Leo a low blow and he would spend the next few years stuck in Lyra with his loud little brother. Typical. Leo slumped his shoulders but at 6’1 it didn’t do much good. There was no hiding from the little imp. As Eugene continued to call out to him, Leo shifted his sitting position to face the other direction, his face turned a deep maroon as Myffi gave him a knowing look. Later, he cheered loudly as the Headmaster announced that she was the new Head Girl. That made a lot of sense, she was good with the younger kids and much more of role model than someone like Heather or Kaye. Pleased for his friend, he grabbed a glass of water and moved over to sit by her.

“Amazing?” Leo repeated smiling, constantly impressed by Myffi’s deep well of optimism, “I’ll settle for better than the last.” Leo tilted his head and examined Myffi, she looked a little different from the last time they saw each other but he couldn’t quite place why, eyes finally settling on her new pin he said, “Looks like things have started out alright though, congrats on making Head Girl. I know you’ll do a great job.”

  • Seventh the Best - Myfanwy Owen, Fri Jul 6 15:37
    The past two years at RMI had flown by ridiculously quickly. Myfanwy had gone from a fifth year transfer knowing nobody, to a tall, confident seventh year with plenty of friends. Her usually pale... more
    • Sorry, I can't share your enthusiasm - Leopold Harris, Sat Jul 7 11:09
      • I'll be enthused for both of us - Myfanwy, Sun Jul 8 15:32
        “I’ll settle for better than the last,” Leo said, and Myffi graced him with an expression that was part sympathetic, because the implication was that his last year had not been great, and part... more
        • I knew I could count on you - Leo, Wed Jul 11 08:41
          Leo’s second fourth year had actually been a much better year than all the previous ones at RMI combined. He’d finally got caught up on his studies, got a main role in the school musical and was... more
          • It's what friends are for - Myfanwy, Thu Jul 12 07:04
            Leo brushed off his summer in the way Myffi would have expected him to, and returned the question to her instead. She nodded enthusiastically while she finished her mouthful of flatbread, before... more
            • Ooh you're my best friend - Leo, Mon Jul 16 16:27
              Yeaaah, Myffi’s summer had gone pretty much exactly how he’d imagined it but the hiking part actually sounded cool. “Nice. I wouldn’t mind going hiking but I don’t know if I could spend twenty-two... more
              • I think you might be mine - Myffi, Tue Jul 17 14:59
                She tried not to be surprised when Leo confessed he might enjoy hiking. Even though he played Quidditch and attended AgriClub, Myfanwy hadn’t thought of him as an especially outdoorsy sort of person. ... more
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