Nolan Ramsey
In the Diner here tonight
Sat Jul 7, 2018 12:26

Instead of his family’s ranch in Oklahoma, Nolan had portkeyed to RMI from very close by in Boulder this year. About a half a mile from Pearl Street, in fact, where Nolan now owned a small amount of property.

Suddenly being the Ramsey heir had perks, and one of them was that if Nolan was really Merlin-damned tired of not seeing his horse nine months out of the year, he could decide to board his winged horse, Quint, nearby. That was easier said than done—Nolan couldn’t go as far from the school as any of the established boarding places because of RMI’s protective magic, which let you leave Pearl Street but not Boulder—but it turned out that having a lot of money meant you could throw it at most of your problems to fix them. They’d had to improvise, but it worked out. Improvising just meant finding a two-acre property, buying it, hiding it with magic, tearing down the existing structure, and building a stable.

Quint hadn’t much liked being side-alonged to his new paddock, but he liked exploring once he’d finished freaking out. Nolan had had a pond put in, which Quint had promptly decided to roll and then play “I Bet I Can Knock Nolan In The Water” in (Quint won). Deacon, the hand who was gonna come out and help take care of Quint when Nolan couldn’t make it, seemed to get along with him all right, so Nolan felt pretty damn good about everything when the portkey finally tugged him away to school.

He waved at the friends he saw before sitting down at the bonfire. With his prosthetic left leg it wasn’t super easy to sit cross-legged on the ground like the rest of the students, but he managed okay. As long as he could just stay put until dinner was over it shouldn’t be a problem. He clapped for Connor getting Prefect and Myffi getting Head Girl, and was waiting for the food to come near when a new student (or at least one he didn’t recognize, and by now Nolan was pretty sure he knew all of last year’s students’ names) asked to borrow a pen.

Nolan didn’t really use pens, but he almost always carried a pencil when he was outdoors. Today he’d used to to mark how high he wanted Deacon to put the feed bucket on the stall wall. Nolan reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a two-inch, eraserless stub of a dull pencil. “I got a pencil. Kinda,” he said, offering it to the first year. “Will that work?”

  • Fire fire burning bright - Grayson Ioma, Fri Jul 6 21:23
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    • In the Diner here tonight - Nolan Ramsey, Sat Jul 7 12:26
      • What immortal pen or pencil - Grayson, Sat Jul 7 19:23
        “I got a pencil. Kinda. Will that work?” Grayson’s eye twinkled behind his glasses when he saw the pencil stub. “Perfect!” he exclaimed as he took the pencil. “This is even better! I’ve definitely... more
        • Could frame thy flaming utensil? - Nolan, Sat Jul 7 23:33
          Nolan wouldn’t have ever described his pencil as perfect—it didn’t even have an Ever-Sharpening Charm on it—but if the first year thought it was good enough for whatever he needed to write, then... more
          • In what distant pencil case - Grayson, Sun Jul 8 15:31
            ”You know, when you borrow stuff, you’re supposed to give it back.” Grayson blinked at the older kid. He wanted the pencil… back? Grayson turned back to the fire and blinked again. He was pretty sure ... more
            • Burnt the fire in this place? - Nolan, Tue Jul 10 18:00
              The new Aquila seemed real confused about why Nolan would want the pencil he’d loaned him back. And honestly, getting the pencil back didn’t matter—like, Nolan probably would’ve forgotten all about... more
              • With what lead dare we write? - Grayson, Tue Jul 17 17:49
                ”What was that all about?” Grayson blinked at the older kid, then looked at the fire and blinked, then looked back to the older kid and blinked again. He wasn’t at all sure how to answer that... more
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