Well that's a relief
Sat Jul 7, 2018 17:23

Out of the corner of Connor’s eye, he noticed his brother walk up to the Cetus fire and then turn away quickly. He hoped that Claudia hadn’t seen Dade. Connor was so focused on Claudia’s well being that he barely spared a thought to the fact that Dade had been wearing something much more inappropriate for school than Connor would have expected. Connor did own some blue jeans, but they were not something he wore if he was going to be interacting with civilized people on a given day. But that was a stern conversation to have with Dade later. Now that Rose wasn’t at RMI and had, in fact, moved out of their father’s house, Connor had no reason to not have the conversations with Dade that needed to happen. Finally, he would have the chance to force Dade to apologize for attacking Claudia for no reason.

As it was, Claudia’s voice seemed to convey that she was as stressed as Connor had thought she might be. That simply wouldn’t do - he was prepared to help in whatever way possible. He did not want to presume to make decisions for Claudia, otherwise he might have insisted that they go, post-haste, to the medic. Whether or not Claudia needed actual medical attention was beside the point. Garen Tennant had taken a role in Claudia’s recovery from the terrible trauma she had suffered, and Connor was sure that if the medic had anything to say about that he would inform her of precisely what was going on. A Calming Draught might help ease Claudia’s mind, as would being away from the bonfires, Connor imagined.

But of course, Connor would never force his decisions on his friend. It seemed as though Claudia was inclined to soldier on, which he was immensely impressed by. He didn’t know that he would be able to do such a thing, had he been attacked the previous year as she had. Claudia was such a strong, determined person - Connor had nothing but respect for her.

“Of course,” he said, offering his arm to his fellow Cetus. “I shall stay with you for as long as you desire.” If necessary, Connor was prepared to walk her to the foot of the girls’ staircase in Cetus. He smiled at Claudia. “Did you enjoy yourself in Paris?” the boy asked, hoping to offer a distraction to Claudia’s current plight. “I do hope it was an improvement on the States, at the very least,” Connor added. Things seemed to be very tense between Claudia and her brother, a fact that Connor certainly could not fault Claudia for. After all, Dardanius was making some very poor choices that could only reflect poorly on his upbringing and by extension, cast a shadow on Claudia’s own place in society. It was really very selfish of him, and Connor absolutely could not understand it. He was thankful that Rose, at the very least, had managed not to involve herself so deeply with such questionable people as Holland Keene.

  • Certainly not - Claudia, Sat Jul 7 16:41
    While Claudia would usually be pleased to see Connor, she was loathe to allow him to witness her current state of weakness. He had been overwhelmingly supportive of her last term, and such agreeable... more
    • Well that's a relief - Connor, Sat Jul 7 17:23
      • I'd like some relief - Claudia, Sun Jul 8 16:22
        Connor offered his arm to her, and Claudia’s stomach twisted again, but this time it was a different sort of squirm, one completely unassociated with her currents distress at the bonfires, and far... more
        • “Not very much of her, no,” Connor responded. “My stepmother went on holiday for a bit as well, so the manor was rather quiet.” Had Connor not already been escorting Claudia to a seat, he would have... more
          • I want it Now! - Claudia, Tue Jul 10 06:13
            A brief contact with her arm alerted Claudia that Connor had returned. She opened her eyes, and needed to repeat the process because initially it had seemed to Claudia that Dade was ushering Marley... more
            • Whatever the lady wishes - Connor, Thu Jul 12 08:03
              Much to his horror, Connor realized that Claudia thought she was being a burden on him. Hastily, he rushed to reassure her that was not the case. “No, of course not,” he said in response to her hope... more
              • I could get used to this - Claudia, Sat Jul 14 16:16
                Connor made a compelling case against Claudia being, as she had assumed, a burden. The blonde fifth year felt a complex tugging of emotions at his assertion that despite her pathetic and dependent... more
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