What immortal pen or pencil
Sat Jul 7, 2018 19:23

“I got a pencil. Kinda. Will that work?”

Grayson’s eye twinkled behind his glasses when he saw the pencil stub. “Perfect!” he exclaimed as he took the pencil. “This is even better! I’ve definitely set more pencils on fire than pens, so anything weird will be much easier to spot.” Without further ceremony, Grayson lightly tossed the pencil into the fire, being careful to get it into a nice crook between two logs where they had a good view of it.

For a moment, nothing much happened. The pencil just sat there among the flames. Grayson blinked. “Huh,” he said, and started looking around for something to use to retrieve the pencil. But even though he hadn’t tossed it far he was pretty sure it was out of reach. Maybe he could come back and get it later, once the fires were out? He looked back at the pencil and chewed his lip while he thought.

Just in time to see the pencil suddenly burst into gray and cream colored flames of its own with a small but audible fwoosh. Grayson boggled. The pencil was very on fire, way faster and with bigger flames than he would of normally expected from something so small. But only for a moment. In a matter of seconds the pencil was gone. Not burnt up, it hadn’t blackened or charred or anything. Just… gone. A moment later the fire flared up a bit as though a log had slipped (none of them had) and emitted a sparkly tuft of distinctly pencil-yellow colored smoke, with a streak or two of dark gray.

Grayson blinked at the fire a few times and said “huh,” again before turning back to the older boy who had lent him the pencil and gestured wildly with his arms toward the fire. “Well now I have even more questions!”

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    • What immortal pen or pencil - Grayson, Sat Jul 7 19:23
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              ”What was that all about?” Grayson blinked at the older kid, then looked at the fire and blinked, then looked back to the older kid and blinked again. He wasn’t at all sure how to answer that... more