Marley Chapman
Have things really changed that much?
Sat Jul 7, 2018 23:12

“As for our new prefects...”

Marley had zoned out of Headmaster Toby’s speech a bit. That wasn’t at all because he was boring or anything like that - the exact opposite, really; he was a very lively type of person to listen to and somehow managed to sound like he was exciting himself when he talked, which seriously improved her ability to pay attention. If only all of their professors were like that, ‘cause then she might have managed not to fall asleep in History of Magic that one time last year (okay, honestly, it was twice). Fortunately her amazing roomie Alice had poked her right away so that she didn’t sleep through the entire class or even more than a few minutes, really, and fortunately Professor Boot hadn’t seemed to notice when she wobbled back in her chair and had to do some arm-flailing to keep herself from falling over, and even more fortunately she’d gotten a high enough grade on their final assignment to justify taking his class again this year. There were a couple others she had to drop, but she actually really enjoyed History of Magic, even though according to her mum it was probably totally un-applicable to anything she wanted to do for a career or job or whatever after school.

Fortunately again, she was a fifth-year now, and that meant she had like almost three whole years to figure out whatever that ‘whatever’ was gonna be. Who knew? Maybe she would wind up being some kind of historian. Although probably not, because one of her next favourite classes was Divinations and that was all about the future, not the past… Anyways she had zoned out just for a moment, but suddenly snapped back in when her name was announced in Headmaster Toby’s booming happy voice. Wait. Wait. She was a Prefect? Really??

Staying frozen a moment longer, she suddenly jumped to her feet, blue-and-purple-laced sneakers flashing under her robes as she scurried to the front of the room. “Ohmygod thank you so much!” she enthused, white teeth flashing widely as she accepted her pin from the Headmaster. Marley took in the others who had been selected, giving Skylar a beaming high-five and almost glaring at Connor, but she realized at the last minute that she definitely needed to be a good role model now for all the new firsties and instead just ignored him. (She very very very briefly considered offering him a high-five too, because he would probably refuse and then Headmaster Toby would see what an uncooperative person he was and maybe demote him from being a Prefect. But although the chance that he would high-five her back was teeny-tiny-almost-none, it was still a chance and ew she had no interest in making any kind of physical contact with him, so she scrapped that idea pretty quick.)

The lack of acknowledgement she gave Connor was more than made up for when Teal grabbed her in a hug. “Ohmygod!” Marley repeated, squeezing the other girl back, both pitch and volume increasing to a shriek as she bounced around with her in small happy circles. Having to be Prefect with Connor was practically the worst (‘literally the worst’ being saved, of course, for the hypothetical situation where both Connor and Claudia were Prefects and it was them versus Marley, which sounded awful for so many reasons and thank gosh it was never gonna happen since they were in the same House). But getting to be Prefect with Teal was amazing!

...Okay to be fair, prior to Portkeying back in, she had been feeling very slightly grumpy with Teal, because she still wouldn’t tell her parents that they were dating. It really sucked not being able to meet up with her girlfriend all summer long. If they even counted as girlfriends anymore. Like, for a long time they didn’t really have any label, at least not in her opinion because they only went on a few dates and their dates were more like friend-dates where they sometimes held hands, and then they kissed for the first time and they had a really nice date after that and it was totally something girlfriends would do, and now it had been three whole months since they last saw each other and it was all Teal’s fault no that was a bad way to think. Teal was great! She was just also weirdly secretive with her family. Marley kept no secrets from her parents, or at least she kept no secrets when they asked her about stuff, so it was really lucky that they were used to her receiving a bajillion letters every summer. They hadn’t asked anything about who was writing her so much, so she hadn’t had to lie.

Skipping back towards the greenest fire, she started heading towards the hole where she’d previously been sitting with Alice and Roger and Buckley (sigh) but then she noticed Connor’s brother Dade, who was a Cetus but sitting nearer the Lyra fire for some reason. Despite not interacting much ever before, he was also whisper-shouting for her to come over. That was strange. It was also intriguing and so with an apologetic shrug at Roger, the dark-skinned girl changed directions. “Hi, Dade,” she greeted quietly, aware that the Headmaster was still talking, if once again unaware of what specifically he was talking about. She sat down beside him, taking a moment to adjust her open robe around her flower-print skirt, and then began trying to figure out where to attach her new Prefect pin. “Should I put this on my robe or my shirt? I guess robe makes more sense,” she thought out loud, “but the Diner always gets so hot and I’ll almost definitely have to take it off later on… Alright, I’ll put it on my shirt instead. So what’s up?”

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    • Have things really changed that much? - Marley Chapman, Sat Jul 7 23:12
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