Could frame thy flaming utensil?
Sat Jul 7, 2018 23:33

Nolan wouldn’t have ever described his pencil as perfect—it didn’t even have an Ever-Sharpening Charm on it—but if the first year thought it was good enough for whatever he needed to write, then great. Content that his role in this situation was done for now, Nolan started to look around for a house elf who had a tray of food he was interested in. The new student kept talking. “This is even better! I’ve definitely set more pencils on fire than pens, so anything weird will be much easier to spot.

Nolan frowned. “Wait, wha—”

Too late, the pencil was in the fire. But… nothing… happened to it. Nolan frowned more, extra confused now. The bonfire was obviously magical, ’cause it was grey and cream instead of fire-colored, and they were able to sit pretty close without it being too hot. He was used to fires that didn’t behave normally. The Ramseys usually had some kind of cookout in the fall with a bonfire, but they’d moved it to the end of August this year so Nolan could be around for it. Mostly just their wizarding neighbors and a couple of relatives came, and it was a lot less formal than most of the stuff the Cavanaugh side of the family did. They did line and square dancing (Nolan didn’t care so much for that) and ate barbeque (he liked that part), and it was just a good time. They cooked the food on a grill, but there was a big fire for light and a focal point, and it was enchanted so that it wasn’t too hot and wouldn’t burn people. If you put your arm in it, it just kind of tickled, like warm water. Maybe RMI’s opening feat bonfires were like that.

Well, if the pencil was fine, then he wanted it back. Since he didn’t know what kind of spells were on it, Nolan figured he shouldn’t put his hand in the flames. It definitely wasn’t a normal fire, but it might still burn some things. Nolan was already down one limb and he definitely wasn’t gonna risk a hand. He started to pull out his wand out—maybe he could summon his pencil back?—but then all at once the pencil caught fire and was gone.

The first-year was, like, worryingly excited by that. “You know, when you borrow stuff, you’re supposed to give it back,” Nolan drawled, although he wasn’t too concerned. As someone who had just spent a few hundred thousand galleons so he could see his horse while he was at his boarding school, Nolan didn’t actually care about a third of a dull pencil, but it was kind of the principle. You didn’t just ask to borrow something and then casually destroy it in front of the person you’d borrowed it from.

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    • Could frame thy flaming utensil? - Nolan, Sat Jul 7 23:33
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