Kaye Packman
Worth a second glance
Sat Jul 7, 2018 23:33

“I’m just saying,” Kaye said over her shoulder before turning back to the mirror and finishing up the heavy black liner under her left eye, “Ruben totally could have stayed over to keep you company.”

She didn’t even try to hold back her devilish grin while watching Thomas’ face grow sickly pale at the suggestion. With Jared out of town for the rest of the week, her papa would have an empty home as soon as she took the porkey to Rocky Mountain International. “I may be a little lonely, but I would never be that lonely.”

Ruben did offer to come over that day, even though they’d spent the previous weekend together out of the country. He seemed to mostly be joking, saying that he could be around to help Thomas calm down about her being all grown up and on her way to her last year of school, but she figured that’d do more damage than anything else. Ruben pushed his luck enough this summer. At one point he’d shown up at their house, which he’d done pretty much every time he was on her side of the ocean, and took over the kitchen to cook some dead thing he’d brought with him. Jared joked that Thomas may have developed an ulcer from it all. They’d even kept the guest room set up for Ruben, going so far to have the sheets changed every single week when the housekeeper came to clean. Of course, Ruben never used it, but he at least kept a couple of clothes in the room, and the fantasy made Thomas feel better.

She popped the cap back on her eyeliner and stuck in the convenient front pocket of her perfectly tight and indecently short leather mini-skirt. With both her hands free, she adjusted the high ponytail on her new wig, black with blunt bangs across the forehead and longer down the sides to frame her face. This one was lovely, because it was compatible with her ponytail clips. Not all wigs looked completely natural when you added those. This one did, and she loved it. It was one of Jared’s gifts to her before going out to Portland to promote his new art opening.

Add the wig and skirt to the rest of her outfit, and she felt set for the opening feast. Her knee high lace up combat boots, sheer black tights with black lines up the sides, and the two spiked belts around her skirt were complemented by the black and blood red floral patterned shirt with long sheer black sleeves. The neckline was scooped enough that when she looked down she could easily see her bra that she was wearing for fashion’s sake more than necessity’s, and it just did not concern her if anyone else could. Thomas ignored all of this. He’d figured out by now that when it came to many of his girl’s choices, ignorance was truly bliss.

Once Kaye seemed done, he smiled a little and passed her dreamcatcher to her for the last time. “Be good.”

“I know.”

“Go to all your appointments with the medic and take your meds.”


“I know, I know,” he laughed and kissed the top of her head. “Love you.”

She only had a brief couple of seconds to glance over at her reflection once more before the portkey whisked her away. She was back in the Finer Diner, and… well, this felt completely underwhelming. Predictable, even. Boring. There was no Pretty Boy to mess with, no Carrot Top to judge, and no Holland. No Ruben.

All that, and she still had to sit on the damn floor. This was one of the strangest traditions to exist at a school. If college had something like this, she’d lose it. Ew, they probably did have things like bonfires in the actual outdoors. Why was that even a thing? At least these were the fake outdoors without things like bugs and humidity. It made no sense that people would choose to be out of doors when there were so many better options. She knew Ruben enjoyed it, but dear god, if he was gonna make her live in the woods after graduation, he damn well better start building an air conditioned cabin.

Since she did not expect being named Head Girl, she ignored the speech from the unimportant authority figure and waited for the food. A few sticks of dry rubbed chicken, a biscuit, and an entire tray of cake slices later, Kaye surveyed the feast before her. She thought, perhaps, the amount of food would draw out Nolan, who she looked forward to tormenting getting to know better as one of maybe two options of people left at school to talk to. Then, a younger student began to talk, and Kaye gave up that fantasy.

But, hold on. This kid looked interesting. From the accent to the skirt, she at least seemed like she wasn’t one of those boring kids who came to RMI expecting rainbows and butterflies to shoot out of their wands. She still seemed amazed by the little things - like the food (which was amazing though - but at least edgy enough to maybe expect, like, moths over butterflies.

“The food is great, I’ll give you that.” Her red lipstick remained unsmudged despite the piece of chicken she’d just finished off. “And it’s pretty much all the time. It’s just the sitting on the floor that’s different today.” That accompanied a roll of her blue eyes before she nodded to the collection of baked goods in front of her. “Dessert with dinner? Don’t ask me how to eat it, no idea where the forks are.”

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