I'm ... fine
Sun Jul 8, 2018 05:20

Teal. What a beautiful name that was. It made Leah think of merpeople, which – no surprise there – she found fascinating. Nevertheless, without the girl’s reminder, she wouldn’t have remember that a prefect sat next to her, asking a ton of questions and offering her something that looked like a crumpled flower made out of soft dough.

Leah shook her head, indicating that she wasn’t hungry (even though that was a lie; she hadn’t eaten all day). It took almost all of her strength to hold Teal’s gaze, which was why her voice sounded a bit shaky when she spoke. “I’m fine, it’s just … it’s so much, so … busy. Exciting, but … quite overwhelming. I don’t think I can eat.”

Right on cue, her stomach growled loudly. Traitor. Leah blushed and averted her eyes. Bloody hell, body! I’m trying to play it cool here! But maybe it was time to stop pretending, no matter how hard it was to just be herself around strangers.

“Sorry,” she apologised for both her tummy and her insincerity. “I probably should eat something.” She eyed the dough thing in Teal’s hand again, which actually looked quite appetising. But first, she needed to know what it was.
Leah had made the mistake of blindly eating something someone else had made only once in her life, but that experience had been enough to put her on her guard, making her extremely cautious around food. The taste of jackalope meat (and the horror upon realising that she’d ingested it) still haunted her in her nightmares.

Nervously, Leah cleared her throat. “Is there meat inside?” she asked, pointing at the flower. “Because I can’t-” She stopped herself, because that wasn’t entirely true. Leah wasn’t allergic. At the age of 4, however, she’d made the decision that, for her, eating living beings just wasn’t compatible with loving them. “I mean, I don’t eat meat.”

She glanced at Teal’s face to see how she’d take this information. As a home-schooled loner, Leah had never had to deal with a peer’s judgement of herself before. That was probably why she’d silently started chanting Please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me, even though she knew how desperate and pathetic that was.

  • But not too shy, so you're still okay? - Teal Rosse, Fri Jul 6 20:41
    Teal Rosse had been dreading her fifth year since her first year at RMI. Not because fifth year was when classes generally got Tough, not because it meant she was more than halfway done, but because... more
    • I'm ... fine - Leah, Sun Jul 8 05:20
      • We are in the Finer Diner - Teal, Thu Jul 12 00:26
        There weren’t many people who were afraid of food, but apparently, this firstie was one of them. Her eyes widened at the dumpling before she asked quietly if it had meat. Teal shrugged and made a... more
        • Okay, so let's dine! - Leah, Sat Jul 14 04:48
          Vegans… Were they the people who only ate fruit? Leah definitely wouldn’t ask now for fear of making a fool of herself, but she wrote herself a mental note to look that up later. However, she... more
          • Now you’re getting it - Teal, Sat Jul 14 23:32
            Teal was glad to see Leah, the firstie, grab some food. The other girl had an intriguing accent that Teal couldn’t place, but by now, at the grand old age of 15, she knew better than to ask. She... more
            • And I want to get so much more! - Leah, Thu Jul 19 15:49
              Surprisingly, Teal was very eager to answer Leah’s Internet question. (The fifth-year talked a lot, and a smile lingered on her face while she gestured to underline her words.) But maybe she was only ... more
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