Jesse Keller
Chasing a Ghost
Sun Jul 8, 2018 14:49

When Jesse’s mother had asked all about his roommate and Jesse had been unable to tell her anything at all beyond Keith’s name and a basic physical description, she had thrown her hands up in a gesture of exasperation and told him he was the most unobservant child who had ever existed. Jesse didn’t argue with her, because although he knew he was quite observant and paid particular attention to detail, they were not always the right details according to popular opinion. For example he knew the location of every one of the dents and scratches in the dormitory door, from the amount of time he had spent staring at it when he was trying to remember some fact, or perhaps a thing he as supposed to be doing. Jesse also knew just about everything there was to know about xylophones, and he had noticed the repeating pattern used for the scenery in the Diner, even though it only repeated every fifty seven hours and eleven minutes, so it had taken him most of the term to figure it out. So he wasn’t unobservant, precisely, he just lacked most interpersonal skills. Jesse was okay with that. Keith had never presented a problem for him, and Jesse did not think he had ever been too much of a problem for Keith (he went to bed early, woke up usually whenever he heard his roomate stirring, spent most of his time in their dormitory sleeping or reading on his bed, and his kept the majority of his clothes and belongings neat and orderly). However, as per his mother’s request - although it was uttered in a tone of defeated resignation that did not suggest belief in his accomplishment - Jesse was going to try to get to know Keith a little better, and perhaps find out details beyond where he usually sat in class, the color of his pyjamas, and the brand of toothpaste he used.

So when the dreamcatcher portkey deposited Jesse at RMI, as a second year student, no longer at the bottom of the school, Jesse dutifully looked for Keith, and thankfully there was a vacant seat beside him at the bonfire. Jesse sat himself down, crossing his legs encased in jeans, and folding his arms over the chest of his pale green t-shirt with a motif of a humpback whale on the front center. His almost-black hair was cut short to permit it to grow during the term without it looking ridiculous by the time he returned home at midterm, and his dark brown eyes - a stark contrast to his pale skin - watched as the first years were sorted into their new Houses. It had been a whole year since Jesse’s dreamcatcher had turned from black to red, during which time he had learned a lot, enjoyed himself immensely, but made no firm friends. That was okay, Jesse consoled himself, because he still had six years to rectify that.

As if on cue, Keith greeted him, and held out a portion of fries. “Oh,” Jesse said, taken off guard by the declaration. “No, I didn’t know that.” He took the offered food anyway, happy to discover the truth in this statement for himself. “My Mom tried to make her own fries,” he said, taking a bowl of beef chilli from a passing house elf to make a meal of his side dish, “but she used hardly any oil and baked them in the oven so they are healthier than regular fries.” The disappointed expression Jesse now bore conveyed he was not in support of this plan. “They didn’t taste that good,” he told Keith. Then Jesse picked up one of the fries his roomate had provided, and ate it, smiling immediately afterwards. “These are much better,” he agreed, fervently eating a couple more. Next he took a small spoonful of chilli, and added, “This is good too. Oh,” Jesse’s face suddenly fell, “I didn’t pick one up for you. I’m sorry. And you gave me fries. I should have thought about that. You can share mine if you like?” he offered. “Or I can go get you some more.” Jesse put his hands on the floor, prepared to chase after the elf and bring back some more of the beef chilli he had neglected to obtain for Keith.

  • No more disappearing boy - Keith Allen, Sun Jul 8 14:21
    Keith Allen had felt like he had disappeared the last term. In truth, RMI had been a struggle for him. The coursework and homework had been a bit much for the then eleven-year-old to grasp. Magic... more
    • Chasing a Ghost - Jesse Keller, Sun Jul 8 14:49
      • Where's Scooby-Doo when you need him? - Keith, Sun Jul 8 15:27
        Keith was happy to see that the person he had spoken to was none other than his roommate, Jesse. Charles had been surprised when Keith had mentioned not knowing much about his roommate besides his... more
        • Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? - Jesse, Tue Jul 10 15:55
          Keith prevented Jesse from chasing after the chilli before the dark haired boy had even lifted his buttocks from the floor. His roommate said he had eaten too much of the dish one time, and had been... more
          • We got some work to do now - Keith, Tue Jul 10 18:01
            Keith munched on his fries as Jesse nodded that he had a good summer. When his roommate spoke, next Keith heard the melancholy in his voice. This caused the blonde haired boy to frown a bit. Yet, his ... more
            • Working out nicely - Jesse, Fri Jul 13 06:50
              "Of course not! I don't think you are fat and there's no reason to move your stuff," Keith said. Jesse did not think he was fat, either - he wasn’t skinny like Felix, but there weren’t just fat and... more
              • Yes it is! - Keith, Fri Jul 13 16:54
                Jesse said he would come to a sleepover and Keith grinned at him. Charles would be ecstatic if Keith made friends this term. In fact, his dad had made him promise to make friends this term. The... more
                • Friendship looking likely - Jesse, Sat Jul 14 15:22
                  “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse commented. Admittedly his parents were a witch and a wizard, and consequently all of his grandparents knew about magic, ... more
                  • Yay Friends! - Keith, Sun Jul 15 14:54
                    “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse said, and Keith nodded in agreement. As a small kid, his Dad had talked about the wizarding world a lot, but his mom... more
                    • It's settled - Jesse, Mon Jul 16 15:00
                      Keith praised computers, and Jesse nodded in fervent agreement. His family did not own a single computer between them, because his parents did not have a lot of money, and insisted - much like... more
                      • Yes it is. - Keith, Wed Jul 18 15:20
                        Keith smiled when Jesse nodded in agreement about his comments on computers. He had wanted his own for a while, but Dad thought they were useless, and Mom had a computer for the whole family but... more
                        • Sorted. - Jesse, Sun Jul 22 15:07
                          Keith knew a lot more about comic books than Jesse did. His Dad took him to a comic book shop every weeks, and he was going to receive them by mail while he was at school, and he knew there was a... more
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