Satveer Mittal
And just as lovely
Sun Jul 8, 2018 15:43

After the last few days travelling back from across America, Satveer was glad to be back at school. His break was relaxing, but he’d missed the freedom that was his own space at School. Five people confined to a VW camper van was tough. Whilst it was a charmed camper van, it was still five people in a road going vehicle for an extensive length of time, and it was just too much ‘family time’ for him. Without a doubt, there was only so many times he could wake up with his brothers worn smells socks on his face (it was thirteen by the end of the two month trip).

Throughout summer, Satveer ensured he had found time to delve further into his creative development. He was now on to book four of the A Guided Exploration Through The Drawn, Creative Self series and was now able to cast an animation charm onto his drawings to give them movement and life. This was something he was particularly proud of and like to lord over his grumpus squib siblings.

The morning of his return to school, Satveer’s had attended temple with his father. Whilst he had relaxed a lot since their family had settled down, Satveer’s father was very adamant about the practice of their faith. For the most part, this was something Satveer was happy to abide by. He and his faith had always been together. It grounded him to his family both near and far. It offered peace and refuge when he felt sorrow. It provided the moral compass in times of crisis. It also, quite clearly, stated it’s views on relationships. The previous two years at RMI had opened Satveer’s eyes to many new and exciting things, most of which potentially blurred his religious lines. Girls however, were DEFINITELY off limits… but only if they found out, right? After temple, he had grabbed breakfast with his father at the office, then returned home for the usual goodbyes before he was returned to his wonderful second home that was RMI.

Satveer enjoyed the welcome feast. Whilst it gave him the occasional shudder inducing memories of his former, blundering self, he couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment. The new students, the food, the pomp and ceremony. It was awesome. Having sat down and gauged the Lyra fire, Satveer endured the welcome speeches with eager anticipation and a weather eye as to the space three persons over. To his joy, no first year had sat there and that was his chance. The house elves appeared and Satveer upped seats and sat with purpose next to Kit. ”Happy new term, my name is Katherine Kendrick”. Whilst it was rather odd that Kit wanted to shake his hand, Satveer assumed she thought he was a first year, although admittedly she did call herself Katherine and not Kit. With a large, contented smile Satveer retorted, “Happy new term Katherine. I’m glad to have seen you”. At that, Satveer pulled a scrolled parchment, no bigger than an a4 piece of paper, from the fold of his robes. The parchment was sealed with a red and black wax stamp, embossed with the initials S M inside a shield.

Satveer was excited. Throughout the summer, he’d drawn many things and had gotten inspiration from everywhere his family had travelled. The last two weeks of the trip however were creatively focussed. Inspiration struck and he’d become invested in a single masterpiece. He’d started with a sand coloured parchment, the very one that now wore his seal. The ‘masterpiece’ featured on a young woman dressed in an orange summer dress. She is stood in the open doorway of a tower on the left of the parchment. On her shoulder stood a spider with it’s pedipalps and two forelegs raised as if anticipating something. Around the tower, a plethora of colourful trees and vibrant flowers grew wild but kept. A path ran along the bottom of the parchment and off the page to the right. Before he’d sealed the parchment, Satveer had charmed his colorful drawing so that when it was opened, a Hebridean Black dragon would carefully walk from stage right, along the path, and place a single red rose at the woman’s feet before bowing gracefully. Satveer wasn’t as happy with his Hebridean Black depiction, but he’d ran out of time to redo it and was sure it would be ok.

“I drew this for you” he said with a smile as he gestured the scroll to Katherine.

  • All Grown Up - Katherine Kendrick, Sat Jul 7 11:51
    Katherine Kendrick was a third year and she was going to be a big sister and she knew she had big shoes to fill so she was definitely going to fill them. Not literally. Before Marissa had moved all... more
    • And just as lovely - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 8 15:43
      • A rose by any other name - Katherine, Fri Jul 13 06:49
        It was Kit’s Katherine’s friend Satveer who she had offered her hand to, and the redhead beamed when he called her Katherine instead of Kit. It was catching on! Soon everyone was going to be calling... more
        • "I didn't teach him that" - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 22 11:20
          Satveer felt overjoyed. His highly anticipated return to RMI, and carefully orchestrated gift couldn’t have gone any better. Well it could have, but Satveer would leave pondering the possibilities... more
          • How do you know? - Katherine, Mon Jul 23 07:46
            Satveer jumped like, a million and ten points on Katherine’s scale of people who were cool at RMI when he did a Stitch impression. It obviously wasn’t as good as Kit’s Stitch impression because... more
            • I've always kept a close eye on.... where'd he go? - Satveer Mittal, Tue Jul 24 07:48
              Other than what Katherine had told him, Satveer had no clue as to what traits 565 had to offer. He was however immensely comforted by the fact that Katherine had deemed him worthy of a likeness.... more
              • He escaped! - Katherine, Wed Jul 25 16:51
                Apparently Satveer wasn’t good at ‘three-dimensional creativity’ which was totally Kit’s jam, but he wanted her to teach him! That was just the best, Kit loved it when people were interested in the... more
                • Have you still got your left shoe? - Satveer, Fri Jul 27 09:20
                  Satveer heard the words “Super yes!” and he felt his dread dissipate and his relief light up like a firework. He was overflowing of excitement. A super(yes) happy smile happened across his face and... more
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