Magdalena Adler
I don't think twelve years was long enough
Sun Jul 8, 2018 18:33

Alena had turned fourteen in May and whilst thirteen had seemed very mature a year ago it had since become clear to her that fourteen was the age that truly marked a turning point in a young lady’s life. When she had arrived home for the Summer, Papa had sat her down and talked at length about how she was becoming a young woman and all that would be expected of her in the years to come. He had seemed a little sad about her growing up but Alena had assured him that she took her reputation very seriously and would never dream of doing anything to shame him. He had laughed at her declaration and promised her that he had never thought otherwise but the mood soon soured as he informed her that she would be visiting Charline for an extended period during the holidays. Alena had begged to go to Ireland to see Benjamin instead but Papa insisted that she needed a female role model during this delicate stage in her development and Charline was apparently the best option available to him.

Alena was surprised when she didn’t have a terrible time. Although she would have preferred to be with Benjamin, she didn’t mind taking tea and attending dances and Charline’s idea of making her into a woman involved more shopping trips than anything else. She had returned home carrying a trunk filled with hair products and an entirely new wardrobe all of which she put to good use on her first day back at RMI.

Her curls made manageable by the new products, she had piled her hair on top of her head in an elaborate lace braid. Charline had instructed her that her pigtails would have to go now she was no longer a little girl and Alena was taking her sister’s advise very seriously because although Alena did not consider the Yorks to be an example of wedded bliss, Charline had always been very much admired and Alena wouldn’t mind turning a few heads herself. She had donned a pair of pearl stud earrings and beneath her school robes she wore a mint green dress which pulled in the waist. She strode toward the Lyra bonfire with a slight spring in her step, stopping to wave timidly at Nolan as she passed by the Aquila bonfire. He had written to her over the Summer, and surprised to have been thought of, she had wasted no time in replying with enthusiasm. Alena knew she shouldn’t seem too eager to pursue a friendship with Nolan but he had a way of making her feel at ease and she could not contain her excitement when his first letter had arrived.

She watched politely as the new students were sorted and again as the Headmaster assigned the role of new Head girl and boy. She didn’t know many of the new prefects well but she was pleased to see Marley had earned a pin as Alena had always thought the older girl was delightful and knew she would do well in the role. Alena didn’t hope to ever make prefect herself. She simply lacked the resolve and leadership skills necessary for such a prestigious title but she had to admit it must feel nice to know the school valued your contributions enough to award you such a position. She had this on her mind when a grinning face seemed to materialize in front of her and an exuberant greeting soon followed it.

“Hallo,” she responded, eyes widening with uncertainty, she reached out to accept his hand and was immediately grateful she had chose not to wear her new satin gloves as she was coated in some sticky substance. After what she deemed to be a polite period of time she swiftly withdrew her hand and glanced around hopelessly for a napkin so that she might subtly cleanse her palm of the young man's touch, unsuccessful, she resolved to try not to think about the germs working away at making a home on her skin. This proved to be a difficult task. Clearing her throat she tried to appear amiable. The young student was just a little over excited. It was his first feast after all and he would soon calm down. “Well, if we are to be friends,” she began lightly, “I suppose I ought to introduce myself- Magdalena Adler.” Alena inclined her head slightly and smiled warmly at him, “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Tycho.”

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    • I don't think twelve years was long enough - Magdalena Adler, Sun Jul 8 18:33
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