I suspect we have a little while before that happens
Mon Jul 9, 2018 11:36

“Not very much of her, no,” Connor responded. “My stepmother went on holiday for a bit as well, so the manor was rather quiet.”

Had Connor not already been escorting Claudia to a seat, he would have suggested that he do so because his friend was looking very ill. He didn’t mind at all that she was leaning on him or that her hand had grasped his (although a mild flush had risen to his own cheeks when that happened), but Claudia had gone quite pale. Connor was concerned. Obviously Claudia had many reasons to be upset by the situation in the Finer Diner at the moment, so it must be taxing on her mental health, but her physical reaction made him worry that she was more likely to faint than he might have previously guessed. Ought he take her to the medic after all? Well actually, Connor realized, it was likely that Medic Rocamboli was at the feast herself. That made him feel slightly better; should Claudia need medical assistance, Connor would merely have to send someone to the staff fire.

Once Claudia was safely seated, still gripping his hand, Connor made his place next to her. He always hated sitting on the floor like they did at every opening feast, but as it was his fifth year at RMI, he had made his peace with it. It was usually at this time that he mentally grumbled about Rose’s insistence that she and her brothers attend RMI over Hogwarts, but Connor could not possibly imagine grumbling about anything while Claudia was clearly in such distress. Besides, if he had gone to Hogwarts it was unlikely that he would have made Claudia’s acquaintance, and she was his very dear friend. Admittedly, if he had gone to Hogwarts Dade might have as well, thus avoiding this entire situation, but Connor was not entirely sure that his younger brother would have followed him over their older sister, and it would have been positively dreadful for Claudia to be alone at the feast.

The Headmaster began talking and Connor turned most of his attention in that direction, although a part of him was still paying attention to Claudia, just in case she should indicate that she was in more distress and required medical help. Then, to Connor’s utter shock, Headmaster Morgan announced the new prefects - and said Connor’s name. For a moment, Connor couldn’t move. He was staring, slack-jawed, at the Welsh man at the front of the room. That couldn’t possibly be correct. How had Connor been awarded prefect over Claudia, of all people? Particularly after his conduct at the end of this third year. Amends had been made, but Connor was still sure that he had ruined his chances of being prefect through his actions. Moreover, the fifth-year realised, in order to get his pin, he would have to leave Claudia alone at the fire.

Claudia squeezed his hand and let him go, saying something about how she knew it would be Connor who became prefect. Connor hesitated to leave her, but knew that it would look unusual and possibly draw attention to Claudia if he chose to stay at the Cetus fire rather than go to the front of the room. Claudia absolutely would not appreciate that sort of spotlight at the moment, and so Connor smiled reassuringly at Claudia, thanked her, then swiftly went to collect his pin. He wasn’t gone more than a minute or two, as he practically snatched the pin out of Headmaster Morgan’s fingers in order to make his way back to the fire as rapidly as possible. Connor did not stop to put on the pin on, but rather slipped it into his pocket.

Back at Claudia’s side, Connor seated himself and gently touched her arm. Although it might have been quite rude at another time, Claudia had seemed to be more grounded with their hands locked together. It was impractical for that to be the case for the entire meal, but something told Connor that it was unlikely Claudia was going to be inclined to eat. As it was, Connor himself often struggled to find an appropriate meal during the Opening Feast. The dishes were often quite exotic and full of flavors that were very uncomfortable for Connor. He would much prefer a simple slice of roast chicken over the strange things that the house-elves usually carried about.

He might have voiced his surprise at the pin in his pocket, but Connor most certainly did not want to cause Claudia distress, as it was clear that she was the one that deserved the honour, of the two of them. Instead, he looked around at the house-elves that had appeared almost as he took his seat. “Is there a dish you would like me to look out for?” Connor asked his yearmate. “Or we could ask one of them to fetch a mug of tea or hot chocolate, if that might be more helpful.” He personally found hot drinks to be rather soothing in most cases, and hoped that would be the case for Claudia as well.

  • I'd like some relief - Claudia, Sun Jul 8 16:22
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    • I suspect we have a little while before that happens - Connor, Mon Jul 9 11:36
      • I want it Now! - Claudia, Tue Jul 10 06:13
        A brief contact with her arm alerted Claudia that Connor had returned. She opened her eyes, and needed to repeat the process because initially it had seemed to Claudia that Dade was ushering Marley... more
        • Whatever the lady wishes - Connor, Thu Jul 12 08:03
          Much to his horror, Connor realized that Claudia thought she was being a burden on him. Hastily, he rushed to reassure her that was not the case. “No, of course not,” he said in response to her hope... more
          • I could get used to this - Claudia, Sat Jul 14 16:16
            Connor made a compelling case against Claudia being, as she had assumed, a burden. The blonde fifth year felt a complex tugging of emotions at his assertion that despite her pathetic and dependent... more
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