Vivica Dixon
I don't have a baseline to compare you with
Tue Jul 10, 2018 09:40

The c

Vivica was awash with relief as Drew, very politely, offered her a soda. The worlds weren’t necessarily separated and there were normal muggle things in the magical realm too.

“Yes please. Do they do orange soda?” Whilst it was before her time, the very mention of Orange soda bout back vivid memories of her cousin quoting the American TV show Kenan and Kel… “K-K-Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? Is it TRUUUUE? MMMHHMMM! I do, I do, I do-oooh!” She’d only seen a clip of it once or twice, oh the crap you can find the internet, but it was forever forged into her mind.

The corr

“So it’s like a mobile buffet?” She quipped with a smile. The previous thought of dumplings had stirred up her appetite and Vivica had a hankering for dumplings, chicken satay sticks and rice. A not too adventurous first meal but enough to get her through the evening. As Vivica scanned the to find the right house elf to help silence her hunger, she found her gaze drawn to the bonfire in front of her. Then the all too familiar dull, incessant background noise she’d been hearing since she’d entered the room started became louder. THE CORRIDOR. This was an all too familiar feeling for her. No sooner had the background noise hit eleven on the volume dial, did it return back to one. Vivica quickly blinked eyes and shook her head, ensuring she ran her hand through her ponytail as to avoid suspicion. She then turned to the house elf closest to her and grabbed a dish. He was carrying an Indian looking dish, but at this point, Vivica didn’t care. She just wanted to move on.

“W…” Vivica cleared her throat, compose yourself!, and took a breath. “What year are you in, Drew?” she asked as she prodded at her curry with her fork.

  • Drew, new and improved - Drew, Sun Jul 8 15:36
    Pleased that his guess about her being Muggleborn was right—yay for him having investigative skills—Drew grinned back at the first year. “Drew Tennant,” he replied. “And don’t worry about it, it’s... more
    • I don't have a baseline to compare you with - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 10 09:40
      • Then you have to believe me - Drew, Wed Jul 11 23:38
        Drew grinned. “They do pretty much anything.” He wasn’t sure if orange soda would specifically be on the menu today—they usually tried to go a little fancier than usual during the opening feast—but... more
        • I do, I do! But... brb - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 24 11:00
          The mall sounded exciting. It was fairly obvious why it was third years or above that got to go there. Vivica assumed it was a mixed world mall… with the muggles and the magical folk. But the... more
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