One to Watch
Tue Jul 10, 2018 15:06

Georgina had never seen a person who looked like the girl next to her. She’d seen some funny looking people, including a wizard with a beard that was as long as Gigi had been tall, and an old Muggle woman who always went to the store in her dressing gown and slippers, no matter how many times people told her she really ought not to do that, and even Imogen Slater - who’d been a few years above Gigi at primary school, who had piercings and wore a leather jacket - was downright ordinary compared to this older Aquila. Good to know that students were allowed to wear bright red lipstick like that. Not to mention the boots.

“Yes, it looks like those,” Gigi gestured to the girl’s footwear, “are better for strutting than sitting.” She wanted to ask more about the boots - Where did she buy them? Were they expensive? Were they comfortable? - but the older girl offered her dessert. That was a good distraction. “Um, yes,” Gigi said decisively, as if the question only had one answer. The absence of forks was not going to put her off selecting one of the cake slices from the tray the older student had probably swiped from an elf. She took something that sort of looked flaky and creamy with lots of pastry and a decently thick layer of icing on top. “I eat with my mouth, not forks,” she said, before demonstrating the truth of her claim. Some cream sort of seeped out the side as she took a bite, but Gigi caught it with her tongue. The first year then put the rest of the slice down alongside her yet unidentified meat. “That is so pineappling good,” she asserted, licking sticky residue from her tanned fingers (even an English summer was enough to turn her skin a warm brown; by the winter she’d be back looking white again).

“I’m Gigi, by the way.” Used to being in a small school, in a small village, Gigi knew how these types of places worked. By the end of the year she was going to have a handle on who was important to know and who was essential to avoid, and she might as well start collecting names right now. Most people offered their own name in return, that’s usually how an introduction went, so she was hoping Miss Kinky Boots would return the favour.

Casting her eyes about her to see what else looked good to eat, Georgina got momentarily distracted again by how surreal it was just to see house elves walking about the place. “I have seen house elves before,” she commented, “but I haven’t actually seen them.” She didn’t want to give out her whole life story to anyone, especially not someone she had literally just met a few minutes ago, but now she’d said something as vague as beige she felt it needed clarifying. “I lived in a school for a while, and there were elves there, but they didn’t like to be seen. I caught a glimpse of a foot or an ear every so often, but these fellows are just happy wandering right around the students, aren’t they?” Sounding bemused, Gigi watched the creatures a moment more before pinching a single tempura prawn and putting it directly into her mouth with a sigh of satisfaction.

  • Worth a second glance - Kaye Packman, Sat Jul 7 23:33
    “I’m just saying,” Kaye said over her shoulder before turning back to the mirror and finishing up the heavy black liner under her left eye, “Ruben totally could have stayed over to keep you company.” ... more
    • One to Watch - Georgina, Tue Jul 10 15:06
      • I'll be watching you - Kaye, Fri Jul 13 21:44
        If only the girl had seen her shoes last year. The heels had been so high that Kaye wasn’t sure she could sit on the ground if she tried. Danny used magic to make a stool for her to sit on, which had ... more
        • To see if I'm naughty or nice? - Gigi, Sat Jul 14 15:49
          Kaye asked about Gigi’s prior interactions with house elves. The younger girl deliberated answering while she scooped up a mouthful of her rice salad with fruit in thing. It was pretty good -... more
          • Be naughty, it's more fun - Kaye, Mon Jul 16 10:37
            Ah, so she did come from magic. That was neat. Kaye sometimes wondered what that would be like. She really enjoyed having both Muggle and magical influences in her life, though. She was supposed to... more
            • We’re on the same page - Gigi, Tue Jul 17 09:59
              “Ha, yes,” Georgina said through her food, “I’m going to be an animagus. Even if I’m something ridiculous.” She looked Kaye right in the eye as she said, “My Dad is a duck-billed platypus.” If that... more
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