I knew I could count on you
Wed Jul 11, 2018 08:41

Leo’s second fourth year had actually been a much better year than all the previous ones at RMI combined. He’d finally got caught up on his studies, got a main role in the school musical and was mostly able to exist without being bothered by the most brainless members of the school community. If only he’d had Quidditch he might even say it had been a good year- or as good as one could expect when you were a teenager because Leo was convinced you couldn’t be loving life in your teens. He suspected even the rich purebloods of high society ran into a few bumps in the race to adulthood. Fortunately for them they would find their finish line was literally paved with gold. People like Leo just had to keep running in the hope that one day they’d hit the jackpot and actually be able to retire. As a bonus he might even get on a cruise ship one day. Yippee.

Even if the future wasn’t that promising it was pretty clear to Leo that your schools days were not the best years of your life (well, he hoped not!) despite the mountain of propaganda that promoted them as such. People just talked like that because when they had the luxury of all that experience, which came along with the grey hair and failing eyesight in old age, they could see how if they could just jump back in time they’d be able to do youth so much better now. Y’know really make use of their fresh faced looks, ability to climb the stairs without wheezing, and generally give less pineapples about stuff.

Even though Leo still had a lot of work to do to achieve ‘not giving any pineapples’ status he intended to build on the previous year and really make the most of things at RMI, Myffi had become the bright spot in it all and who knew if he’d see her again after she graduated. He was sure he never smiled as much when she wasn’t around and hated to think what would have become of him if she’d never bothered coming to RMI. Probably would have punched Roger Reynolds but after all the things that had gone down at RMI last year it was now clear to Leo that such a minor assault of a fellow pupil would barely earn you a slap on the wrist and Leo wasn’t sure he wanted out of RMI bad enough to start barbecuing people.

Leo bristled at the mention of his summer, his thoughts immediately flying to Rosita and how he’d left her in a Café last weekend, after a minor disagreement over who would pay the bill, with nothing more than a vague promise to “Catch up soon.” Somehow he didn’t think this was the sort of fun anecdote he should be sharing with Myffi. Her good nature wouldn’t allow her to approve of disposing of people in such a brisk fashion and while he admired her commitment to virtues, Leo sought to look after his needs first and foremost. And Rosalie was no longer contributing anything useful thus becoming another draining force in his life but unlike with school and family, Leo did have the power to cut ill-suited romantic partners from his life.

Perhaps if Myffi hadn’t been a girl he would have risked filling her in but she was and the more Leo thought about it the less he wanted Myffi to know about Rosita. As the only tolerable person left in the damn school he couldn’t have her thinking less of him than she already must. “More of the same, really, “ he answered hastily. “You get up to anything fun?” When he pictured Myffi’s summer he saw a bunch of long-haired folk hand picking strawberries in their bare feet or sitting around learning mediation techniques, and although he wouldn’t exactly call it fun he could sort of see how it might be relaxing.

“Ugh, I know,” Leo replied embarrassed at the mention of his ‘fan club’, shoulders sinking as heat crept back into his neck, he risked a glance in Eugene’s direction and was relieved to find him preoccupied bothering some other poor student. “My little brother, Eugene,” he informed Myffi in a hushed voice, “He’s been here less than ten minutes and already he’s making a scene.”

Eugene had been six when Leo first left for RMI so although Eugene looked up to his big brother, Leo wouldn’t say they were close, and he didn’t envision the hero worship lasting much longer now that they would be around each other more frequently. At home he was the cool oldest brother but at RMI he wasn’t anyone of note. “It’s going to be so weird having him here,” he confessed.

  • I'll be enthused for both of us - Myfanwy, Sun Jul 8 15:32
    “I’ll settle for better than the last,” Leo said, and Myffi graced him with an expression that was part sympathetic, because the implication was that his last year had not been great, and part... more
    • I knew I could count on you - Leo, Wed Jul 11 08:41
      • It's what friends are for - Myfanwy, Thu Jul 12 07:04
        Leo brushed off his summer in the way Myffi would have expected him to, and returned the question to her instead. She nodded enthusiastically while she finished her mouthful of flatbread, before... more
        • Ooh you're my best friend - Leo, Mon Jul 16 16:27
          Yeaaah, Myffi’s summer had gone pretty much exactly how he’d imagined it but the hiking part actually sounded cool. “Nice. I wouldn’t mind going hiking but I don’t know if I could spend twenty-two... more
          • I think you might be mine - Myffi, Tue Jul 17 14:59
            She tried not to be surprised when Leo confessed he might enjoy hiking. Even though he played Quidditch and attended AgriClub, Myfanwy hadn’t thought of him as an especially outdoorsy sort of person. ... more
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