You've been a great audience.
Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:56

Bhlghaaaaaa,” Eugene repeated with enthusiasm. If it was as fun to eat as it was to say then he’d stumbled on a real winner. He shuffled closer to the student, arms raised slightly at his side, head tilted and mouth gaping open in anticipation of food, like a penguin awaiting feeding at the zoo. The older boy was doing some sort of dance now and Eugene kind of wanted to join in but maybe you shouldn’t do the dance unless you were eating? Did wizards dance when they met new people? Was dueling really some sort of dance off!? No. Leopold definitely would have told him if he needed to brush up on his dance moves because he knew Eugene only had one move- the robot. Anyway, no one else seemed to be dancing. Having decided that it wasn’t a very serious dancing-duel Eugene allowed himself to giggle at the antics of his companion and watched as he downed a glass of milk.

“Hi Hunter Ioma! I’m Eugene!” Eugene squeaked in introduction, thrilled to have already made an older friend. “That’s my brother, Leopold,” he added nodding towards the other side of the bonfire, where Leopold sat chatting to some girl. Eugene would go over and say hi later. It would be much funner hanging out with his brother after he had made an awesome new friend he could tell him all about. Maybe Hunter was Leopold's friend! That would be the best. Then the three of them could hang out together All the Time! “Do you know my brother?” he asked hopefully.

He had never properly shook hands with someone before but he knew there was a science to it your grip had to be firm- but not too firm- and if you were really lucky you might come away with money in your hand. Jeb was always getting paid for shaking hands. His hand was a little sweaty but he thought Hunter might forgive him for that because he was new to the whole hand shake thing. Oh wait. Hunter didn’t know he was new to handshakes. Better tell him. “I’ve never shaken hands with someone before, did I do alright?”

Now that Eugene had learned all about handshakes and confirmed that wizards did have the coolest names ever, he remembered that he was Hungry and that he really wanted some of the spicy bulgogi (not bhlghaaaaaa, duh). “Where do you get the food, is it from those things?” he asked loudly, pointing toward some of the hairless rabbit men walking around the place. He had seen Hunter get some milk from them so it made sense they'd do more than beverages.

  • Attending with Enthusiasm - Hunter Ioma, Fri Jul 6 21:00
    Shifting his stance during portkey travel was not only quite a challenge, but remarkably uncomfortable, Hunter discovered. But he has missed an entire year at RMI and had spent pretty much the entire ... more
    • You've been a great audience. - Eugene, Wed Jul 11 11:56
      • Let's give him a hand, folks - Hunter, Mon Jul 16 19:00
        “Do you know my brother?” The new kid had nodded vaguely in the direction of Leo and Myffi. Hunter didn’t think it was very likely that Myffi was Eugene’s brother so he probably meant Leo. Also the... more
        • *takes a bow* - Eugene, Mon Jul 16 20:04
          Eugene nodded when Hunter didn’t seem 100% sure what year Leopold was in. That made sense. Sometimes Eugene got confused about how old Leopold was and what year he was in too because once Leopold was ... more
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