You'd be surprised
Wed Jul 11, 2018 15:47

Marley had seated herself next to Dade and he wiped suddenly sweaty palms on his jeans. He was about to say something, but first Marley was talking and then there was a loud crack and there were house-elves bustling all over the place with platters of food. Dade felt nauseous, not hungry, even though he hadn’t eaten very much yet that day. There was too much anxiety and uncertainty surrounding RMI for Dade to even think about eating. Fortunately, the smell of the bonfire overwhelmed whatever food smells were wafting around the room. Hopefully if Marley ate something, she would choose something that didn’t have a strong scent. Even if you were warning someone about someone else being evil, vomiting on them probably wasn’t a way to make an ally. And Dade, for all his usual disregard for societal niceties, needed allies at that particular moment.

“I have to talk to you about something,” Dade said quietly, leaning forward so that Marley would hear him. He didn’t know who was listening, and he didn’t want Connor or Claudia overhearing. It would be just like them to follow him to the Lyra fire when both of them were in Cetus, just to ruin his night. Now that Connor was prefect, they might even be confident enough to try and hex him right there, in the Finer Diner. There was nowhere safe. Dade wondered if the protections he’d put on his dorm room last term were still there, or if they had been cleared over the summer. If they had been cleared, he was in for a long night putting them back.

“You know how Claudia attacked Holland last term? Well now Connor is on her side and they’re both after me and I think they might be after you too now. Because you’ve got a girlfriend.” Hazel eyes flicking around the Finer Diner to make sure nobody was visibly watching him, Dade continued. “Holland and Rose helped me put protections on my dorm room last term after Claudia got me in trouble when she was planning to attack me.”

There. Now Marley knew. Dade thought that he might have to invite Marley to self-defense club, except for if Remington was there he couldn’t do self-defense club anymore. Then Claudia would know exactly how he knew to defend himself. No, the better thing to do was to focus on learning things by himself, things that the others wouldn’t know. He could spend some more time in the library. Maybe he could learn a spell that would make it hard to see him or something, which would allow him to safely spend time in the library, or even the Cetus common room. That would be nice. All he wanted to do was be left alone, but Dade knew that Connor and Claudia weren’t going to let that happen, especially now that Rose was gone.

He needed to be ready for war.

  • Have things really changed that much? - Marley Chapman, Sat Jul 7 23:12
    “As for our new prefects...” Marley had zoned out of Headmaster Toby’s speech a bit. That wasn’t at all because he was boring or anything like that - the exact opposite, really; he was a very lively... more
    • You'd be surprised - Dade, Wed Jul 11 15:47
      • You're right, I feel very surprised - Marley, Thu Jul 12 17:28
        Repeating that he needed to talk to her, Dade leaned in closer. She didn't return the gesture - the Diner wasn't that loud and she could hear him fine, and if he was trying to tell her a secret... more
        • I deliver on my promises - Dade, Thu Jul 12 18:37
          “I’m not gay!” Dade said, loudly enough that one of the Lyra kids looked over in their direction. He colored and glared pointedly at the fire. He wasn’t gay. Marley was gay, but he wasn’t. Even if... more
          • Marley was quickly feeling lost-er as Dade went on. Some of the things he was saying were making sense on their own, but then they were strung together with parts that didn't make much sense at all,... more
            • A surprise, we just went over this - Dade, Wed Jul 18 17:32
              Why was Marley so frustrating? Dade shut his hazel eyes and underneath his lids, looked up at the ceiling for patience. All he was trying to do was warn her about Claudia. If nobody was going to take ... more
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