Joseph Blair
Judging the Present
Wed Jul 11, 2018 15:57

The first thing Joey did when following the other first-years into the Diner was wave enthusiastically towards the staff fire at the front of the room where his Auntie, Uncle, and baby cousins were sitting.

...Okay that was actually the second thing he did, and the very first thing was “trip over his robes and almost smack another student right over”. It was after that when he waved and then saw Auntie Estelle cackling instead of waving back. Joey could feel his face getting warm, but he grinned back anyways, too excited to be properly embarrassed. Besides, it wasn’t like it was his fault or anything he could’ve done to keep from toppling. It had been an absolute corker when his dreamcatcher suddenly whooshed him down-up-down a magic portal. It had been totally disorienting! His admissions letter from RMI had said that his dreamcatcher would take him there automatically on the first day, but he was expecting something gentler, like maybe the feathers would grow into big wings and fly him over the ocean. He hadn’t expected it to be so whoosh-y.

The Headmaster, he very quickly decided, brown eyes staring up at the man, was not from here. This being only his second ever time in the United States of America, he had no idea how to evaluate who was from here, but the Headmaster definitely was not. Or from anywhere else he knew. His voice sounded kinda like Uncle Liam’s but also not at all because he could understand more than every two or three words Uncle Liam said. So it was real lucky that he was in the middle of the clump of first-years: they all started moving and he was able to figure it out and catch up, sticking a hand through a slit in his comfy robes to and wiggling it around to locate his jumper pocket and his dreamcatcher inside of that. By the time he pulled it out, it had changed colours to bright red. He was in the red house!

Scampering over, he started to sit with the other boy and girls who’d also just been sorted to the red house, but then changed his mind and squeezed in between a couple older students instead. The boy on one side looked a bit intimidating, but the girl on the other side looked nice. He flicked some hair out of his eyes (oops, the haircutter at the mall must’ve missed that one… but also he could already see a grand ole total of 0 kids here with bowlcuts so maybe this was just a sign he should grow it all out while Mum wasn’t here to fix it herself) and kept grinning in a sort of random direction around the fire at the other red house students. Did all the red students, and the green students and blue students and grey students, actually get their own house? That would be awesome! Except schools were non-profit, mostly, and houses were expensive. So was RMI rich?

Unfortunately nothing in the rest of the Headmaster’s speech (or at least nothing in what Joey was able to understand from it) answered this question. But fortunately now it was time for dinner! But unfortunately he had eaten a full breakfast literally two hours ago, since he’d woken up ravenous and totally forgot Mum’s suggestion that he shouldn’t eat more than a snack before going pop (or whoosh, as he now knew it to be) around the world. But fortunately he was always hungry enough for dessert.

When the trays of food had first started coming out, Joey assumed that they were floating, which was weird but also completely made sense. Because Magic. But just now a tray of swag-all went straight past him, and he took a closer look and realized there was a wrinkly old scrub turkey with ginormous ears underneath the tray. Was this also a Because Magic thing? Did wizards have servants? That seemed almost too weird. Literally no one except the Queen of England had servants anymore, and wizards were supposed to be all mystical and future-y, but if they had servants that seemed to just shuffle the whole wizard society way backwards.

Glancing to the nicer-looking girl beside him, Joey announced his presence with an “Oi, d’you know anything ‘bout wizard servants?” He paused an appropriate length of time for her to respond, except the pause went on too long without her responding. Then she asked for a repeat, confirming least she’d heard him if not what he said. “It’s cool,” he reassured her, grinning again because at least he wasn’t the only one who wasn’t good at paying attention sometimes. “I wanna ask if you know anything ‘bout wizard servants. Like those turkeys, are they servants or wot?” He pointed out the turkey in question, now standing patiently down the row while some kid was piling carrot sticks from its tray to their plate.

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