Deputy Headmaster Bellamy Fell
Slowly coming to terms
Wed Jul 11, 2018 23:37

“No, you can’t go in yet,” he repeated for the seventh time, once more reaching to place his hand on the opposite doorframe. The man had to almost immediately move his arm out of the way to accommodate a pair of older students, but he was soon repositioned, his impeccable pin-striped grey suit the only barrier between the dining hall behind him and the small blonde girl in front.

When Bellamy had been set the task of ‘holding back the first-years’, he had not anticipated it would require such a literal interpretation. His own daughter was never so poorly-behaved, and he could already feel a minor headache coming on at the prospect of spending the remainder of the year around students like this one. Fortunately, his job description as Rocky Mountain International’s new Deputy Headmaster did not include him teaching classes. Unfortunately, it was entirely plausible that he would find himself required to assist with herding students at future events, not to mention the possibility of having to sit them down for one-on-one talks in Tobias’ absence.

Again, it would have been much easier to stomach if all of the students were like his Mona. But of course they weren’t. In fact, the blonde in front of him was now making an expression that looked like she was going to start crying. He might have almost fallen for that, had he not already been on the receiving end of her attitude when told to stay put. “Enough of that, Miss Rosse.” He was already tired. And it was hardly past six p.m. Why did he apply for this job, again?

Ah, right. Professional development. Of course, his last PD session involved a weekend retreat to a castle in the Ardennes and long meetings held in the spa room, but in theory, this fell in the same category. Or at least, it should eventually. Perhaps not on the first day.

It was with great relief - relief that he tried very carefully not to make too obvious to the students, and felt he succeeded - that their turn to enter the Finer Diner arrived. Bellamy opened the door with the intent of leading in the new first-years, but first one slipped ahead of him, then another, and despite his quiet and insistent “Patience, please,” the majority soon followed. He refused to give up the illusion, however, and continued moving forward to lead the stragglers behind him to their spot in front of the Headmaster.

Taking his own seat among the other members of staff and faculty at their bonfire, (and wandlessly refreshing the dirt-repelling charm on his suit; supposedly the enchanted fires did not create soot or ash but one could never be too careful,) Bellamy applauded politely as various students were called forward to their new roles. From first impressions, some appeared much better suited to these leadership positions than others. Hopefully all of them would take on their responsibilities appropriately and help to keep their peers in check.

“Thank you.” Absently swiping a finger over his moustache, the brown-haired man accepted from the passing house-elf a shallow bowl of penne with shredded chicken and what appeared to be steamed kohlrabi on top. He had already partaken in an early dinner with his daughter prior to seeing her off for her first day of second-year at Frontier Academy. There was only a one-hour time difference between their family home in Tucson and Boulder, Colorado, but between that and the fact their early dinner had comprised exclusively of grilled sausages and biscuits, it was enough that he felt able to have a second dinner now.

Glancing to his right, he made accidental eye contact with another adult and offered a small smile. “Good evening. Could you kindly remind me of your name? Bellamy,” he added by means of introduction, in case they had missed his as well. Unlike some of the staff, who apparently lived at RMI year-round, he had opted to only come in and out briefly as his preparation for September required, otherwise alternating between spending time with his family in Arizona and tidying up loose ends at his former IWCE office in Brussels. Perhaps next year he would commit to staying overnight at RMI periodically, although he could not imagine it would be any more comfortable than either of his usual full-time homes.

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