Then you have to believe me
Wed Jul 11, 2018 23:38

Drew grinned. “They do pretty much anything.” He wasn’t sure if orange soda would specifically be on the menu today—they usually tried to go a little fancier than usual during the opening feast—but you never knew. “Yeah, mobile buffet is a really good phrase for it. Normally there’s just a bunch of small tables with platters of food out like a regular buffet, and the house elves stay in the kitchen. But since it’s the first day we do the bonfires and mobile buffet.” Since Vivica had just gotten her dinner, Drew took a few bites of his chicken and rice while she seemed to be working on what she was going to say next. It was delicious, as always, and more sweet than sour, which he preferred.

“I’m a third year,” he replied when Vivica asked. Finally. Drew had been looking forward to being in third year forever. “Once you’re a third year you get to go to Pearl Street, which is like, this cool part of Boulder with both Muggle and wizarding shops,” Drew told Vivica, in case she didn’t know about it, “so I’m pretty excited about that.” Dad and Aaron had let Drew and Remy go to Pearl Street by themselves when she was visiting over the summer, although Dad had been clear that he didn’t want Drew going into the rest of Boulder without him or Aaron or one of his other grown-up relatives. All of Drew’s adult relatives were white, and Drew was pretty sure that that was why that rule existed, because it had been introduced when Dad was reminding him about what to do if he had to talk to a police officer (say his full name, be respectful, tell them he was unarmed, not have his hands in his pockets, politely ask what they wanted him to do, and if he had to move, say what he was doing before very slowly doing it). Remy said her parents had given her pretty much the same talk last year when she gained Pearl Street access.

It would be fine. Drew knew how to be careful, and he was soooo psyched about finally getting to go to Pearl Street on his own. He was most excited about going to the record shop, which was wizarding and which would hopefully hire him part time when he was old enough. Drew got an allowance, but it wasn’t much since he didn’t do chores around the Tennant-McKindy house anymore, and he could always use more money. He already knew he would want to buy a bunch of new music, and go to Finnegan’s Flavors all the time.

Plus, he also wanted to take Darlene on real dates now that they could both go to Pearl Street. The things he had planned at RMI had been okay, but it would be nice to be out somewhere his parents and sister and cousin didn’t live. There were plenty of nice places he could take Darlene without leaving Pearl Street.

“But third years also have huge exams at the end of the year,” he added, on a less positive note. At least Remy and Dade could tell him what to expect, since they’d done theirs last year. Drew was looking forward to being able to drop classes, at least. He wasn’t sure what electives he’d add as a fourth year, but he was definitely done with Astronomy and Cultural Studies once he passed his STOATs. Rob could probably talk him into continuing Potions, because he was Drew’s advisor and also just fun, but Drew was pretty sure he would never be brilliant at potions even if he didn’t work with Kit all the time. On the plus side Kit hadn’t put them both in the infirmary by blowing up their cauldron yet, but it was really just a matter of time. “Sooooo not excited about those.”

  • I don't have a baseline to compare you with - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 10 09:40
    The c Vivica was awash with relief as Drew, very politely, offered her a soda. The worlds weren’t necessarily separated and there were normal muggle things in the magical realm too. “Yes please. Do... more
    • Then you have to believe me - Drew, Wed Jul 11 23:38
      • I do, I do! But... brb - Vivica Dixon, Tue Jul 24 11:00
        The mall sounded exciting. It was fairly obvious why it was third years or above that got to go there. Vivica assumed it was a mixed world mall… with the muggles and the magical folk. But the... more
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