We are in the Finer Diner
Thu Jul 12, 2018 00:26

There weren’t many people who were afraid of food, but apparently, this firstie was one of them. Her eyes widened at the dumpling before she asked quietly if it had meat. Teal shrugged and made a “dunno” sound, then popped the whole thing in her mouth. The littler girl didn’t look like she was going to eat it anyway. Teal chewed carefully -- it was definitely meat. A steamed pork bun, it tasted like, and it was super delicious, but it was not for the firstie.

“Yeah, it’s got meat, sorry,” Teal said once she’d finished swallowing. “Nah, don’t worry. There’s lots of vegetarians here. Our head girl, Myffi? She’s vegan, I think. She’s all about natural and organic. She started this whole club for gardening, and they grow potatoes and strawberries and stuff, and now the whole school does Meatless Mondays.” She gestured in the vague direction of the Lyra bonfire.

Teal didn’t particularly mind the meatless Mondays (there were always pancakes and eggs!) but going vegan seemed a bit far. Of all the tasty things in the world, why would you limit yourself to the ones covered in dirt? Teal was glad Marley wasn’t too into the vegetarian thing, because Teal sure wasn’t, and she didn’t want that to be a point of contention between them. Teal liked animals a lot. Some were fun to play with, some were fun to look at, and some were fun to eat. Cows were there to make milk and to be eaten. What was the point of raising them otherwise?

But, Marley was a very kind and caring person, and Teal could understand how she would fall for Myffi’s claims. RMI always had a good selection of food, and with Myffi’s lobbying, the vegetarian and vegan sections had been expanded. Teal looked around for a house-elf carrying vegetables (or at least not the pork buns. Even though they were aaaah-MAZing). She waved over one who was carrying a large platter of stuffed mushrooms.

“Hi, Mimzie!” Teal said, smiling at the elf. She always felt a little weird around house-elves, because they were so convenient, but she also felt like she was taking advantage of them. Plus, they were funny-looking. Teal belatedly realized that the elves might alarm the firstie, but they were also the quickest way of getting her new friend some food. “Are those vegetarian?” She asked, pointing at the mushrooms.

“Only some, young miss,” the elf squeaked, gesturing to half the platter. Teal saw that the mushrooms were neatly divided in half. “But Mimzie can fetch more vegetarian foods if the young misses desire!”

“Ah, that’d be great!” Teal said, as Mimzie levitated some of the vegetarian mushrooms onto a pair of plates. Within seconds, two more house-elves had arrived, one bearing small cups of dahl with naan, and the other announcing his spanakopita with great flourishes. “Excellent, thank you,” Teal said delightedly, stacking some pastries on her plate. She put the cup of dahl (what was it made of? Beans? It hopefully wouldn’t be too spicy) on the floor and balanced the flatbread on top of her plate, now laden with pork buns, Greek pastries, and stuffed mushrooms as well. RMI food was great, although she hoped the house-elves didn’t think she was vegetarian after this. She’d have to ask them for the kabobs next.

“So, …… neeewwww person, see anything you like? I know you’re hungry, so don’t be shy about it!” Teal awkwardly realized she didn’t know the new student’s name. Had she introduced herself? “Also, I’m Teal. Wait, I said that already.” She quickly ate a mushroom to hide her embarrassment. For being vegetarian, it was pretty darn tasty.

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    • We are in the Finer Diner - Teal, Thu Jul 12 00:26
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