It's what friends are for
Thu Jul 12, 2018 07:04

Leo brushed off his summer in the way Myffi would have expected him to, and returned the question to her instead. She nodded enthusiastically while she finished her mouthful of flatbread, before replying, “Yes, it was fun.” Actually the best summer she’d spent in California so far, probably because she’d taken three weeks out from commune life. “My sister and I spent twenty-two days hiking and camping,” Myfanwy elaborated. She decided not to mention that Ruben had come along for a decent while, because Leo hadn’t really gotten on well with Ruben, and she didn’t want to give Leo any reason to be grumpy on the first day back (she was sure he’d find his own causes for grumpiness, she didn’t need to add to them). “I went to the beach a couple of times with some Muggles from the commune, learned how to spin wool, did lots of yoga. Very relaxing,” she concluded. She could take a couple of months out from the hustle and bustle of school life to just kick back and focus on herself for a while, but she didn’t want to live like that indefinitely. Cledan had talked about maybe finding some work outside the commune - she hadn’t been employed since working at the post office in Wales - and Myffi had started to think about what she might like to do after graduating RMI. She didn’t want to go back and live on the commune full time.

Myfanwy couldn’t help chuckling at Leo’s embarrassment. Cledan was seven years older, so she and Myfwanwy would not have attended school together, were it not for the village school where they’d grown up teaching all local children aged four to sixteen. Even then they obviously didn’t share classes or friendship groups, and even their mealtimes were staggered, so they hadn’t seen much of each other during the day, whereas Leo and Eugene would be sharing a commonroom and would be sleeping just a few doors away from each other. “He seems ever so excited,” Myffi said fondly. “Think how lucky he is to have an older brother at school to look out for him and show him the ropes.” She was only teasing Leo a little bit. Obviously it really would be nice for Eugene to have family here already, but the seventh year didn’t really expect Leo would selflessly donate a great proportion of his time to a first year, relative or not. Although that sounded quite mean, now she thought about it. Perhaps she shouldn’t be so harsh on Leo - maybe he really would take time to help Eugene settle in.

“I’m sure you’ll get used to it soon enough,” she offered encouragement to her friend, who didn’t sound convinced that his brother’s presence here would lead to a positive experience. “And if not, then we’ll have plenty of distractions this year,” she smiled brightly. Herself, she would need to study for her final exams, and decide if college was going to offer her any benefits (she really didn’t like the sound of more institutionalised education, nor the hefty fees that accommodated the sentence of staying in one place for another four years, but some careers necessitated further qualifications, so college might turn out to be a consideration), or if she would spend her time after graduating chasing other goals.

She also had plenty of non-academic interests. She hadn’t completely settled on her decision to tell Leo about the secret distillery, but she thought it was likely she’d share it with him. Also, “I’m planning to hold a feast next week with the fresh harvest from the AgriClub allotment,” she said, “and the club will keep running all this year.” She didn’t know whether it would continue to do so after she graduated. She supposed that would depend on whether anyone wanted to take it on in her absence. “Are you going to rejoin the Quidditch team now your grades are back up?” she asked Leo.

  • I knew I could count on you - Leo, Wed Jul 11 08:41
    Leo’s second fourth year had actually been a much better year than all the previous ones at RMI combined. He’d finally got caught up on his studies, got a main role in the school musical and was... more
    • It's what friends are for - Myfanwy, Thu Jul 12 07:04
      • Ooh you're my best friend - Leo, Mon Jul 16 16:27
        Yeaaah, Myffi’s summer had gone pretty much exactly how he’d imagined it but the hiking part actually sounded cool. “Nice. I wouldn’t mind going hiking but I don’t know if I could spend twenty-two... more
        • I think you might be mine - Myffi, Tue Jul 17 14:59
          She tried not to be surprised when Leo confessed he might enjoy hiking. Even though he played Quidditch and attended AgriClub, Myfanwy hadn’t thought of him as an especially outdoorsy sort of person. ... more
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