Whatever the lady wishes
Thu Jul 12, 2018 08:03

Much to his horror, Connor realized that Claudia thought she was being a burden on him. Hastily, he rushed to reassure her that was not the case.

“No, of course not,” he said in response to her hope that she was not ruining the feast for him. “It’s quite impossible for you to ruin anything for me. I enjoy your company, and will do my very best to assure your comfort when I can.” Connor spent just a moment dwelling on Claudia’s comment about how Connor made her feel at ease, before he realized that it made his stomach move in ways that were uncomfortable. He did adore Claudia, but while they had previously arranged for an exclusive friendship, they had been younger then and Connor himself had ruined that experience for both of them with his uncouth actions. Of course, he couldn’t possibly expect Claudia to do something like that once more with him. Admittedly, the idea of her entering into an exclusive friendship with Caleb or Nolan made Connor grind his teeth, but Claudia was free to do as she wished, and he would never begrudge her something that made her happy.

Then Claudia expressed her desire to go to the Cetus commons rather than remain at the Feast, which made quite a lot of sense to Connor. As they were older and knew the way to the common room, they didn’t strictly need to wait to be dismissed from the feast in order to leave. Connor suspected it would be preferable to the staff if he, the Cetus prefect, was available to help let the older students in to the commons, but he could return to the feast once Claudia was settled, or even just step outside at the appropriate time to give them the password. They would probably have to stop by the staff fire in order to get the password, which the Cetus prefects had always had in the past.

“Allow me to escort you,” Connor said to his friend, standing and offering Claudia his arm. “Or I can go ask Professor McKindy about the password first and then return, if you would prefer.” He suspected that Claudia would not be inclined to allow him to leave her by the fire alone once more, but Connor also knew that Claudia was disinclined to draw undue attention to her emotional state, and after Professor McKindy had acted so ridiculously in assigning Claudia detention last year, Connor didn’t trust him to behave as he ought in this sort of situation if he knew Claudia was involved.

  • I want it Now! - Claudia, Tue Jul 10 06:13
    A brief contact with her arm alerted Claudia that Connor had returned. She opened her eyes, and needed to repeat the process because initially it had seemed to Claudia that Dade was ushering Marley... more
    • Whatever the lady wishes - Connor, Thu Jul 12 08:03
      • I could get used to this - Claudia, Sat Jul 14 16:16
        Connor made a compelling case against Claudia being, as she had assumed, a burden. The blonde fifth year felt a complex tugging of emotions at his assertion that despite her pathetic and dependent... more
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