Tell me more, tell me more
Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:18

“Oh wow, that sounds awesome,” Elliot said. His family didn’t have any pets. His mother was an Animagus, so she could turn into a peregrine falcon and sometimes they played games like you might with a pet. They had a bunch of leather falconry lures for Mama to catch in Animagus form. Elliot sometimes raced her on his broom, and sometimes he caught the lures before her, but she usually got there first because peregrines were the fastest bird on earth (Elliot knew that because in fourth grade he’d had to write a report about his favorite animal).

But having an Animagus parent was different from having, like, a cat or a dog. His Uncle Hayden had a service dog to help him with being blind, but Iris wasn’t a pet because she had a job.

Elliot was about to ask what kind of magical pets Leah had—he would have guessed, but he couldn’t remember which creatures he knew about from real life and which were from Skyrim—but then she said something that made him forget all about that. “You got to see dragons?!” he exclaimed. Elliot’s family went on trips a lot, but they’d never seen dragons. A lot of wizarding places had spells to stop Muggles from visiting and finding out about magic, so the Phippen-Harper family usually went to Muggle destinations. Damn, Leah was cool. “That’s amaaaaaazing! What were they like?”

Suddenly Leah looked all teary. “Um, what’s wrong?” Elliot asked, kind of at a loss for what to do. He couldn’t think of anything that would’ve upset her in the last couple of minutes. Unless she was actually worried about the manticores thing. Hmm. When Ariana cried, Elliot usually tried to make her laugh. Maybe that would work here? “It’s okay,” he tried, grinning a little, “even if manticores show up, I bet you don’t taste that good, they won’t try to eat you.”

  • Let me tell you - Leah, Mon Jul 9 17:06
    Elliot seemed keen to talk about magical creatures, which made Leah’s face light up in excitement. It was her favourite topic in the whole world! Unfortunately though, she didn't have any pets at... more
    • Tell me more, tell me more - Elliot, Thu Jul 12 12:18
      • ... about dragons or heartache? - Leah, Sun Jul 15 05:25
        Leah snorted a laugh through her tears. “Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you!” She quickly wiped her eyes, feeling silly already. “But I’m not afraid of manticores. Dragons are much scarier, to be... more
        • Dragons sound more exciting - Elliot, Sun Jul 15 20:22
          “ Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you! ” Elliot snorted a laugh too. Oh good, it worked. Sometimes people got really weird about being teased, even if you’d been getting along just fine with them... more
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