You're right, I feel very surprised
Thu Jul 12, 2018 17:28

Repeating that he needed to talk to her, Dade leaned in closer. She didn't return the gesture - the Diner wasn't that loud and she could hear him fine, and if he was trying to tell her a secret without being overheard he should've known better than to do so during the big Opening Feast, anyways, not to mention that he knew she was a Prefect now and that meant she was under obligation to report anything that could be damaging to anyone or anything (the 'anything' disclaimer was important since she was talking to like the one person ever to set the school on fire). (Also that fire part was a good reason for her not to sit too close.) So instead Marley stayed put and just gave him a Look that said 'well go on, then'.

And go on he did. She could barely keep up with him!

"Hold on," Marley interrupted. Well it wasn't actually interrupting because she had taken so long to decide she needed to interrupt that Dade had already finished talking and looked like he was waiting for her to say something. But anyways, "Hold on, did you say Claudia wants to attack you?"

She had heard all about the fire thing, of course, but the telephone game of rumours had been all over the place in terms of assigning blame. Marley hadn't wanted to take sides at all; she just wanted to know her ex-BFF was okay because no one deserved to be set on fire whether on purpose or by accident or by their own fault, so she had written her a letter to show her support, and then Claudia had written back, super rudely, and it had hurt. But she hadn't thought that could mean Claudia was the one who initiated it. Now that Dade had brought it up, she could see how it might be a small possibility, and maybe Claudia had been feeling guilty for it and that was why she had snapped back in her letter - except that didn't make sense at all. Because first, she'd never seen them interact, like really never, and it was possible they did in their House but surely not enough to create a rivalry or whatever. Secondly, even if Claudia's rudeness had come out of guilt, she had tons of things she could be guilty about and really she should feel more guilty for what she did to Holland than for a little fire.

Inconviently, there was a loud crack as the elves started coming out with dinner, and she had to reluctantly concede she couldn't hear him anymore over the room and slide a bit closer. "Are you... LGBTQ-plus? Oh sorry you don't have to answer that," she quickly redacted, because just as much as no one deserved to be set on fire, no one deserved to be outed under pressure. (No one also deserved to be prevented from being outed, which she also reluctantly conceded, now that Dade had unknowingly demonstrated how wrong it was that people she wasn't even friends with knew Teal was her girlfriend and yet her own parents didn't have a clue.) "But what I mean is, like, Claudia argued with me, but we didn't fight. She only fought Holland. And oooh y'know how Professor Blair talks about social groups and levels and stuff?" She had come up with this comparison over the summer while griping to her friends in Toronto about dra~ama, and thought it pretty clever, not to mention it helped her feel slightly less awful which was a bonus. "Me and Claudia are - were," ouch, "really close, but Danny and Claudia are closer, higher level, which means more important, and Danny's dating Holland," or had been dating; Holland's letters were informative but impersonal, but she hoped they still were because they were literally perfect, "so like of course Claudia would attack Holland but not me, I don't matter the same." Ouch, again. Her letter didn't change the years they were friends. "So why would she care enough to fight you? Are you sure?"

  • You'd be surprised - Dade, Wed Jul 11 15:47
    Marley had seated herself next to Dade and he wiped suddenly sweaty palms on his jeans. He was about to say something, but first Marley was talking and then there was a loud crack and there were... more
    • You're right, I feel very surprised - Marley, Thu Jul 12 17:28
      • I deliver on my promises - Dade, Thu Jul 12 18:37
        “I’m not gay!” Dade said, loudly enough that one of the Lyra kids looked over in their direction. He colored and glared pointedly at the fire. He wasn’t gay. Marley was gay, but he wasn’t. Even if... more
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          • A surprise, we just went over this - Dade, Wed Jul 18 17:32
            Why was Marley so frustrating? Dade shut his hazel eyes and underneath his lids, looked up at the ceiling for patience. All he was trying to do was warn her about Claudia. If nobody was going to take ... more
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