I deliver on my promises
Thu Jul 12, 2018 18:37

“I’m not gay!” Dade said, loudly enough that one of the Lyra kids looked over in their direction. He colored and glared pointedly at the fire. He wasn’t gay. Marley was gay, but he wasn’t. Even if Holland thought he was a nonbinary, which wasn’t true. Dade just wished he weren’t a boy sometimes, and that was really normal. Everyone wished they weren’t their gender sometimes, it didn’t mean anything special and it definitely didn’t mean he was an LG...whatever. The word they’d learned in Cultural Studies about gay people. Dade lowered his voice. “Claudia just thinks I’m an - one of those,” he said. “Because of Connor.” There probably wasn’t any need to elaborate. Marley knew that Dade’s brother was terrible.

Whatever Marley was talking about now, Dade was not following. Something about how close Claudia was to people? Dade didn’t care about how close Claudia was to anyone. Well that wasn’t true - he cared that people he was close to weren’t close to Claudia as well. That was why he couldn’t be friends with Remington anymore. Because he knew she was close to Claudia. But whatever Marley was saying didn’t make a whole lot of sense, even if she was referencing Professor Blair. Dade liked Professor Blair as much as he liked any professor, even if he did kind of think Cultural Studies was a waste of time on occasion. Unlike Rose, Dade wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he graduated from RMI, but apparently first he had to focus on graduating from RMI. He wasn’t riding too hot on that one at the moment.

“She’s mad because she got punished for attacking Holland, so she now she just hates all of us because Danny and Holland are still together. Claudia thinks that people like Holland shouldn’t be allowed in society.” It was a summary of what Rose had told him about Claudia, but it wasn’t an inaccurate summary. Knowing that someone thought that he was someone who shouldn’t be allowed in society made him feel weird and upset. Even if it was stupid because no matter what anyone else said Dade wasn’t gay. He hadn’t had a crush on a girl yet he was pretty sure, but that was just because he was only fourteen, that didn’t make him gay. Even if Drew already had a girlfriend and he was younger than Dade. Drew’s girlfriend was prissy and stupid and Dade didn’t like her. Drew could be spending his time with much better people. Like what if Dade had been on the magic carpet with Drew instead of Darlene?

That would have been really nice. Dade liked spending time with Drew, maybe more than anyone else. Drew was nice and kind and he was smart too, and patient even with Kit, who was too much for pretty much anyone else on the planet. Dade wasn’t sure how anyone tolerated Kit for more than a few minutes when they couldn’t hex her, but she and Drew were cousins so if he was going to be close with Drew he was going to end up learning how to put up with Kit. But maybe Drew and Dade could just spend some more time together, without Kit. Just the two of them, like when Drew had helped Dade by sleeping over when the Claudia thing had happened. It had been nice having Drew in Dade’s room, even if it was embarrassing and kind of awkward.

“I’m very sure Claudia is a problem,” Dade said firmly, not having paid much attention to what was coming out of Marley’s mouth. “Rose even told me, Danny said that I should be careful around her.”

  • You're right, I feel very surprised - Marley, Thu Jul 12 17:28
    Repeating that he needed to talk to her, Dade leaned in closer. She didn't return the gesture - the Diner wasn't that loud and she could hear him fine, and if he was trying to tell her a secret... more
    • I deliver on my promises - Dade, Thu Jul 12 18:37
      • Marley was quickly feeling lost-er as Dade went on. Some of the things he was saying were making sense on their own, but then they were strung together with parts that didn't make much sense at all,... more
        • A surprise, we just went over this - Dade, Wed Jul 18 17:32
          Why was Marley so frustrating? Dade shut his hazel eyes and underneath his lids, looked up at the ceiling for patience. All he was trying to do was warn her about Claudia. If nobody was going to take ... more
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