Not sure what you think you're promising, though
Thu Jul 12, 2018 21:47

Marley was quickly feeling lost-er as Dade went on. Some of the things he was saying were making sense on their own, but then they were strung together with parts that didn't make much sense at all, and how to interpret that was beyond her. Absently, she waved over the nearest house-elf and took a bowl from it. She was gonna need to eat something if she hoped to sort through all of his... ranting? Was that the right word?

Okay, she reminded herself, start at the top and go down slowly instead of jumping the rabbit hole right away. Marley stuck the spoon in her mouth, and two scoops in, recognized that what she was eating was wonton soup. She scooped once more, capturing one of the wrinkly brain noodles, and chewed on it thoughtfully.

Dade was worried for her safety from Claudia, because he was worried about his own safety from Claudia, because Connor had outed him to Claudia as being somewhere among the LGBTQ+ alphabet except not the G, and possibly Dade was lying about the G or possibly Connor had lied but either way one or both of them was lying and the part about what was actually true was none of her business. It sounded like according to Dade, Claudia was mad for being punished for doing something wrong, which was ridiculous although Marley did know from experience how much difficulty her ex-friend had with admitting when she was wrong so maybe not too ridiculous after all, and she was holding a grudge against the entire queer community just because Holland existed and was still dating Danny. (Phew! They were still together! Except how did Dade know that?)

Also according to Dade, both Rose and Holland had helped him ward his dorm room, and Danny himself had advised him to keep out of Holland's way. Those were really the most significant parts of everything he'd said, in her opinion. A lot of it was debatable - like for example when they had argued, Claudia had said a lot of things about bisexuality, and her memory wasn't perfect but still Marley was pretty sure that "you shouldn't exist in society" wasn't one of those things. Most of Claudia's focus had been on how she couldn't contribute to society in the same way because two girls couldn't make a baby (insert cringe because they were teenagers, why would they even care about babies) and also on how she wasn't being very smart or logical or whatever because she had decided to date a girl instead of a boy and make everything harder (insert eye-roll because dating boys seemed just as hard, and also girls and boys weren't like neat categories and everyone was different etcetera).

But as for the parts about Holland and Rose and Danny - sure, Dade could be lying. It wasn't like she could go into Cetus and see if he really did have wards (though come to think of it, apparently Holland had gotten into Cetus to help him. Wow they were cool, the staircases didn't separate them and neither did the Houses). And although she admired Danny for his Quidditch captaincy skills, he was no Frankie, and she wasn't just gonna send him an owl demanding to know what he said to Rose and Dade. That would be super weird.

But also Dade could be telling the truth. His explanation of Connor's role in all this, for instance, she could totally see happening. Connor was the worst and he definitely wasn't considerate enough not to out his own brother to someone who may or may not dislike him on principle (she couldn't even think her name in this context, not Claudia, that part had to just be exaggeration). "Okay," she said slowly, "I'm not sure this all makes sense but let's say I believe you. Why haven't you told the staff all of this? I know Toby is a bit... a lot," she amended, struggling to think of a good single adjective, "but he's not malicious. He probably wouldn't have made Connor Prefect if he knew." Still half-speculating ways to separate Connor from the pin he clearly didn't want, she briefly wished Dade had told her earlier so she could tell Toby, but oh well. "And more importantly, what do you want me to do about? Was this just... a warning? 'Cause if so, well, thanks, I guess."

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