A rose by any other name
Fri Jul 13, 2018 06:49

It was Kit’s Katherine’s friend Satveer who she had offered her hand to, and the redhead beamed when he called her Katherine instead of Kit. It was catching on! Soon everyone was going to be calling her by her grown-up name and treating her like a grown-up. It was the year she got to go to Pearl Street without real grown-ups, after all. She had been looking forward to this for years, although when she mentioned it at the dinner table one night in July, both Mom and Dad had gotten kind of pale and given each other a funny look. Kit had reassured them that she would be super careful. She’d only broken her arm climbing on the bronze statues by the Wiccan shop one time, and that was years ago. It had been a long time since Kit had done anything that could be a good reason to keep her off Pearl Street, even though Mom and Dad never ever let her go alone. It always had to be with Marissa or one of them, and Drew’s dads never let him go alone either, which was super dumb. Drew tried to explain it once but he’d said some weird things about police officers that didn’t make sense. Police officers were there to help you, and there were a bunch of them on Pearl Street which was why it was safe for kids to go there, duh.

“It’s nice to see you too, Satveer,” Ki - Katherine said, in her grown-up voice. It was great, this was great! All the younger years would see how cool she was and then she’d throw a party with Drew and they’d really really understand how cool she was. And she’d help them in class and everything. Sadie was going to be at RMI this year, and even though Kit thought she could be a cooler little cousin than she was sometimes, Kit loved her because they were cousins. Darby seemed to like Sadie, even though Sadie said that baby thestrals were cooler than tarantulas. Kit wasn’t sure what a thestral was and she had meant to look it up that one time but then she’d gotten distracted. Anyway, Sadie was like Experiment 145 which meant that somewhere someone was Experiment 150 and they would be best friends forever and probably rob a bank or something. Obviously Kit was 626 and didn’t have to worry about robbing banks, but because 626 was a Good Experiment now she’d probably have to stop Sadie from robbing a bank.

Quietly contemplating how to stop her cousin from robbing a bank, Katherine was taken by surprise when Satveer offered her a rolled up piece of parchment.

“Oh wow you drew this just for me?!” she exclaimed. She knew Satveer did drawings that were pretty cool - he’d drawn Katherine as a superhero last term, which was the best even though she was either an experiment or a pirate queen, depending on who you asked - but she didn’t expect him to do one just for her! Kit loved art. She wasn’t great at art, preferring to spend time on sewing and cosplays, but she was pretty okay at it. As she opened the parchment up and looked at what Satveer had made though, Katherine realized that she wasn’t nearly as good at Satveer. “Wow, it’s amazing,” she said reverentially, then yelped and giggled when a dragon started wandering across the background. “Dragons, I love dragons! How did you know? Drew’s bio-mom does things with dragons in Africa, I’m not sure where in Africa though and it’s a very big continent but I’m not allowed to visit until I’m older anyway. Dad said the dragons will think I’m a tasty little snack and then Jessie will have to do paperwork, and Jessie isn’t good at doing paperwork so everyone thinks I shouldn’t get eaten.”

Impulsively, Katherine leaned over and enveloped Satveer in an enthusiastic hug. “You’re the best, I’m going to hang it up in my room right next to my favorite Stitch fanart poster!” she said.

  • And just as lovely - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 8 15:43
    After the last few days travelling back from across America, Satveer was glad to be back at school. His break was relaxing, but he’d missed the freedom that was his own space at School. Five people... more
    • A rose by any other name - Katherine, Fri Jul 13 06:49
      • "I didn't teach him that" - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 22 11:20
        Satveer felt overjoyed. His highly anticipated return to RMI, and carefully orchestrated gift couldn’t have gone any better. Well it could have, but Satveer would leave pondering the possibilities... more
        • How do you know? - Katherine, Mon Jul 23 07:46
          Satveer jumped like, a million and ten points on Katherine’s scale of people who were cool at RMI when he did a Stitch impression. It obviously wasn’t as good as Kit’s Stitch impression because... more
          • I've always kept a close eye on.... where'd he go? - Satveer Mittal, Tue Jul 24 07:48
            Other than what Katherine had told him, Satveer had no clue as to what traits 565 had to offer. He was however immensely comforted by the fact that Katherine had deemed him worthy of a likeness.... more
            • He escaped! - Katherine, Wed Jul 25 16:51
              Apparently Satveer wasn’t good at ‘three-dimensional creativity’ which was totally Kit’s jam, but he wanted her to teach him! That was just the best, Kit loved it when people were interested in the... more
              • Have you still got your left shoe? - Satveer, Fri Jul 27 09:20
                Satveer heard the words “Super yes!” and he felt his dread dissipate and his relief light up like a firework. He was overflowing of excitement. A super(yes) happy smile happened across his face and... more
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