Working out nicely
Fri Jul 13, 2018 06:50

"Of course not! I don't think you are fat and there's no reason to move your stuff," Keith said. Jesse did not think he was fat, either - he wasn’t skinny like Felix, but there weren’t just fat and skinny types of people, there were all different shapes and sizes of people. Jesse was broader and rounder but that didn’t mean he was fat - and he agreed that there was no reason for Keith (or Felix, for that matter) to move his things. Jesse kept his belongings orderly, most of the time. He liked to know where to find things, and so preferred for everything to be in its right place. It’s just that sometimes he wasn’t so great at picking up his clothes when he’d taken them off, or putting a book away if he’d been planning on going right back to reading it but then had gotten distracted with something else. He wasn’t perfectly neat and tidy, but he was at least average.

Apparently Jesse had been correct in his assumption that he had not caused much of a problem for Keith, as the fair-haired boy mentioned a plan for them to spend more time together the following summer. Although no solid invitation had been offered, and no fixed plans had been made, Jesse did not believe that Keith would even suggest the idea if he found that having Jesse as a roommate unpalatable: he would want to spend less time in his company, not more. “I would come to a sleepover,” Jesse said. He didn’t know anything about Keith’s some life, except for his father was presumably a wizard if he had taken Keith to Quidditch games, and it was starting to sound like his parents lived in separate residences, however any room not shared with Felix was okay by Jesse. He could not really invite Keith to visit his own home in return, at least not to stay there, because there was barely enough room in the small house for the five Kellers and Bruno. Lola had just moved from a toddler bed into a full sized single and they’d needed to build it on stilts (a cabin bed, his Dad called it) so there was some place for her toys and clothes to go underneath it. Her bedroom was just enough space for a door to open and a bed to fit. Jesse and Felix had a bigger room, and so did their parents, but each of those rooms had two people in them. At least Lola had her own room.

Keith said that Felix needed to be put in his place. Jesse wasn’t sure about that. He didn’t think Felix’s behavior was necessarily unreasonable, it just did not correlate favorably with Jesse’s own behavior. For example if Jesse did not mind Felix moving his things then it wouldn’t be a problem. If Felix was interested in playing strategy games or solving puzzles Jesse made up for him then they would be able to play together more easily. They got on sometimes, if they were doing activities that interested the both… the problem was that they had very few interests in common. “I have a sister, too,” Jesse supplied. “Lola is four. She doesn’t cry so much now but she did a lot when she was one,” he remembered.

Why would Keith need help with magic? “Your Dad must be a wizard,” Jesse spoke aloud his earlier-drawn conclusion. “Both my parents are Muggleborn,” he explained his own situation, “and we all live together.” He did not ask about Keith’s family because he assumed the other boy would tell him more details if he wanted to. Besides, there was still food to be eaten, so Jesse stopped talking for a moment to finish up his chili and fries.

  • We got some work to do now - Keith, Tue Jul 10 18:01
    Keith munched on his fries as Jesse nodded that he had a good summer. When his roommate spoke, next Keith heard the melancholy in his voice. This caused the blonde haired boy to frown a bit. Yet, his ... more
    • Working out nicely - Jesse, Fri Jul 13 06:50
      • Yes it is! - Keith, Fri Jul 13 16:54
        Jesse said he would come to a sleepover and Keith grinned at him. Charles would be ecstatic if Keith made friends this term. In fact, his dad had made him promise to make friends this term. The... more
        • Friendship looking likely - Jesse, Sat Jul 14 15:22
          “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse commented. Admittedly his parents were a witch and a wizard, and consequently all of his grandparents knew about magic, ... more
          • Yay Friends! - Keith, Sun Jul 15 14:54
            “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse said, and Keith nodded in agreement. As a small kid, his Dad had talked about the wizarding world a lot, but his mom... more
            • It's settled - Jesse, Mon Jul 16 15:00
              Keith praised computers, and Jesse nodded in fervent agreement. His family did not own a single computer between them, because his parents did not have a lot of money, and insisted - much like... more
              • Yes it is. - Keith, Wed Jul 18 15:20
                Keith smiled when Jesse nodded in agreement about his comments on computers. He had wanted his own for a while, but Dad thought they were useless, and Mom had a computer for the whole family but... more
                • Sorted. - Jesse, Sun Jul 22 15:07
                  Keith knew a lot more about comic books than Jesse did. His Dad took him to a comic book shop every weeks, and he was going to receive them by mail while he was at school, and he knew there was a... more
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