Counselor Garen Tennant
Calling all new Lyras!
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:44

Garen Tennant had never been as relieved to see an RMI class graduate as he was about last term’s seventh years. Of course he was sad that he wouldn’t be able to see his adoptive granddaughter Marissa as much as he had when she was a student here, and he knew that she was still unsure about her major, but he was certain she would thrive in college, socially if not academically. Garen was proudly wearing the Adams College t-shirt Marissa had given him under his robes at the Opening Feast, having pointedly hidden it the night before to stop his husband Aaron from stealing it (as he was wont to do with Garen’s t-shirts).

Garen had a sneaking suspicion that his son and other granddaughter were about to take over Marissa’s “secret” parties that the students seemed to think Garen didn’t know about. But as long as Drew provided the usual mitigating influence he did on Kit, it probably wouldn’t require staff intervention.

He would miss Marissa. However, her yearmates Ruben Lundqvist and Dardanius Dubois had had possibly the most extreme duel since Hector Edwards used Fiendfyre on the Miles twins. That was in addition to Ruben attacking two other students on separate occasions, and Danny being involved in the entire mess between his sister Claudia and his significant other, Holland Keene. Holland and Maverick Buchannan had both clashed with Toby last year, and Marissa and her roommate Rose Farnon hadn’t exactly been drama-free either. The remaining students—specifically Dade Farnon (with whom Garen would have to meet tomorrow due to his having failed his STOATs) and, again, Claudia Dubois (with whom Garen would be meeting regularly over the term)—probably wouldn’t let this year be an easy one, but at least Garen only had two students from whom he definitely expect trouble.

Then Garen had reviewed the list of incoming students and realized that three of the most disruptive alumnae from his tenure—Cosette Embers, Addi Leppit, and Lia Harper—all had children in the first year class, and his relief at Marissa’s class graduating had more or less evaporated. He didn’t know Lia’s son Elliot, but he had known Sadie and Tycho since they had come into their mothers’ lives. RMI was in for an… interesting year. Or seven. Garen’s former coworker, Christian Philpott, had a daughter in the first year class as well; Garen didn’t know Georgina, but if she was anything like her father then there was hope they had at least one reasonable new student.

Garen wasn’t sure whether to be proud or resigned that his godson was in his House, but he did give Tycho an enthusiastic high five when the boy ran over to the staff bonfire. Oddly enough, his hand was slightly sticky afterwards, and he had to scourgify it clean before accepting a bowl of vegetable chow mein from a house elf.

As the opening feast began to wind down and the other heads of house began to leave their seats, Garen stood and approached the seafoam green bonfire around which the Lyras were seated. His nine-year-old daughter Madeleine had decided to join Aaron in giving the Cetus Head of House speech this year, leaving Garen to address the Lyras on his own.

“Welcome and welcome back,” he greeted his students, attempting not to address the entire speech to his godson. He had noticed the note pinned to the front of Tycho Leppit’s shirt when the boy had run over to high five Garen and Madeleine at the staff bonfire, but now that he was up close, Garen could actually read the text. He smiled in spite of himself at Addi’s warning, although he knew it was entirely warranted. “For those of you who are new this year, it’s time to join me on a walk to the Lyra Common Room.”

Tomorrow, the prefects and head students would help direct the first-years to their classrooms. RMI was not a small school, and the layout could be confusing, especially for those who were not used to the concept of an underground Quidditch Pitch. Tonight, they would receive a tour of the route from the Finer Diner to the Lyra Commons, with Garen pointing out recognizable landmarks and helpful portraits along the way. He kept an eye on Tycho throughout, as he knew the boy was prone to wandering off.

All members of the small group finally arrived at an unremarkably blank bit of wall between two paintings. “As some of you may know, Lyra is known for being an artistic house, so the password into the common room is a song. You don’t have to sing if that’s not your cup of tea; humming, whistling, or reciting the lyrics will also grant you entry. The password changes every few weeks and will be posted on the bulletin board inside. I trust that all of you will keep the passwords secret from members of other houses.”

With that disclaimer, Garen turned to the wall and sang the first few lines of “When I Grow Up” from Matilda. The space between the paintings opened and widened to reveal the passage that led into the Lyra Common Room. The students could hear the next line of the melody coming from the doorway, as if played on a distant piano. “Go ahead in,” Garen said, and waited until the instruction had been followed to join them.

[OOC: Even though this speech has been posted, the Opening Feast isn’t over! Feel free to continue your threads at the feast. This speech just means that you can post on other boards, like the Lyra Commons, the Quidditch Pitch, the Theater, etc. You don’t need to reply to this post unless you really want to—it’ll be continued in the Lyra Common Room, where Garen will be taking any of your students’ new-to-school questions/comments/concerns.]

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