Professor Arthur Bennett
Dracos, Come On Over!
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:49

Arthur wasn’t sure how it was possible, but it truly felt like the food at the Opening Feast got better and better each year. With a contented sigh, he polished off what may have been his third (okay, maybe fourth) plate of paella and handed the empty dish to a passing house elf. His wife, Marissa, was out sick with the flu, so there had been no one around to remind him of his high cholesterol or guilt him into eating healthily, and he’d truly taken advantage. Arthur patted his stomach contentedly and sighed.

A few minutes later, the crackling of the fire and background chatter had almost lulled him into a gentle sleep. Luckily it was right then that he heard the other heads of house calling out to their first-years. “Aw pineapple,” he said, leaping to his feet. He scurried over to a far corner of the Finer Diner, emerged with two honking daffodils levitating in front of him, and made a beeline for the Draco fire. Arthur’s short stature had made it difficult for him to grab the attention of new students during past years, but he felt he’d finally figured out a reasonable solution. After lowering both plants gently to the floor, a quick finite incantatem undid the silencing spell he’d cast on the daffodils earlier in the evening. Immediately, a series of increasingly loud honks echoed across the room. Once he had the Dracos’ attention (and arguably the attention of most of the room) he cast a quick silencio on the daffodils and said in a clear voice, “Could all new Dracos please gather around?” As the students shuffled over, Arthur pulled aside two unlucky older students and asked them to escort the daffodils back to the greenhouse.

“Follow me, kids!” he said, turning back to the group. And with that he strolled out of the Finer Diner. He didn’t both looking back to make sure he was being followed because first, Dracos were generally a good bunch, and second, his short legs made it easy for the younger students to keep up with him. Really, Draco was the best house of them all, and it was practically Arthur’s job to say it as the Head of House. “Welcome to RMI everyone! I’m Professor Bennett, the Head of Draco. Oh, and I teach magizoobotany on the side.” He giggled to himself at the joke. “I kid, I kid. Here—” he reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out some puffa pods, “take some of these. They’re called puffa pods. Try dropping them and see what happens.” He paused and turned to the students, beaming as the pods turned into flowers upon touching the ground.

“I’m really excited to have all of you in Draco. You were selected for this house in part due to your loyalty and curiosity—two skills that will help you succeed, no matter what you do. Ah, here we are….” Arthur turned the corner and stopped at a tall window featuring a beautiful view of the sunset. “This is the entrance to the Draco common room. The door has been charmed to look like a window, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to get through it. The password for the month is Camelot, so don’t forget it or you’ll be stuck outside. Follow me.” Without another word, Arthur walked through the door.

[OOC: Hi everyone, and welcome! The second part of this post takes place in the Draco Common Room. You don’t need to reply to either post unless you feel like it. At this point you can start posting on all the other boards at RMI, like the Quidditch Pitch, Rec Centre, etc. You can also continue your thread at the Opening Feast if you’d like. Happy writing!]

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