Professor Aaron McKindy
Come here, Ceti
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:51

Aaron had taught at RMI for a sum total of - well he wasn’t actually sure, but it came up to “a lot” of years. He had been through several batches of administration, and he had been through several batches of students who found that academics took a backseat to their extracurricular shenanigans. However, Aaron had never experienced anything quite like the previous year being Cetus Head of House. He had accepted the position because Cetus was the House that was least likely to have drama, in his opinion; mediators often found their way into Cetus, and although not every Cetus was a mediator by any stretch of the imagination, you would have thought there were enough to go around. But per the events of the previous year, you would have been very, very wrong.

First, Claudia Dubois - who seemed to take after her mother, Ivy, in temperament - had, entirely out of nowhere, attacked Holland Keene because the older student had started dating Claudia’s brother. She had taken it as a personal slight and had used mind-magic on Holland in retribution, which conjured up some very unfortunate personal memories for Aaron. Then, Dade Farnon - who had heretofore been a very quiet student, if misanthropic - had attacked Claudia in the hallway during a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. That had resulted in a massive social disaster involving Drew, Aaron’s stepson and Dade’s friend, Dade, Dade’s brother Connor, and Claudia. Although the conflict hadn’t expanded to further require Aaron’s intervention last term, with the additional knowledge that Madeleine had given Garen (and that Garen had, in turn, passed on to Aaron) about Dade’s gender identity...it was going to be an interesting year.

Aaron did not like interesting years. Aaron liked boring years. Aaron liked years where he didn’t have to focus on very many things other than his family, teaching his classes, and his research. It was not going to be one of those years.

“First year Ceti this way,” Aaron called, standing up and hopping off the dais once Toby had dismissed the students to go back to their dorms. Madeleine, who had volunteered to help with his speech this year on the grounds that the Cetus common room was one of very few places in the school she hadn’t been yet, followed. “Ceti over here!” he said again, this time magically magnifying his voice with a wordless tap of his wand to his throat. Once the assorted first years had found him in the crowd, Aaron realized that there was another reason it wasn’t going to be a boring year: Sadie Embers was in his House. Merlin, Circe, and Agrippa. Was that really necessary? Really?

“Welcome to RMI,” Aaron greeted the gathered students warmly. “I’m your Head of House, Professor McKindy. And this is my stepdaughter and future RMI student,” he grinned at Madeleine, “and her name is Madeleine.”

Madeleine bounced on the balls of her feet. She was shorter than even the shortest of the first years, but she seemed in possession of double their cumulative energy. “Hi! We’re going to take you to the common room now. Ready?”

Madeleine’s version of the tour from the Finer Diner to Cetus involved greeting every portrait by name, in addition to pointing out the usual, less loquacious landmarks, like the library. Eventually, the group arrived at a painting of a portrait of a young woman, sitting serenely on a rock and gazing into a pool of water while painted birds flew past on the canvas.

“This is the entrance to your House,” Aaron said, smoothly taking over from Madeleine. “Only students in Cetus should know where the House entrance is. It’s guarded by a password, which will change periodically. Anyone who gives out the password to a member of another House will be in serious trouble, so I suggest you don’t,” the ‘serious trouble’ was clearly not a threat; Aaron was not good at making threats. With Sadie in the mix, though, he felt he had to at least make the attempt. “Erebu,” he said to the portrait. The young woman smiled and the portrait swung open and the wall morphed, revealing a door that was large enough for even Aaron - who was more than six foot - to go through without ducking. “The password will change occasionally, but the new password will be posted in the commons for a couple of days, so you’ll have the chance to write it down or memorize it.

“Let’s all step into the common room and we’ll continue from there,” he suggested.

Welcome to RMI! This thread is continued in the Cetus common room, where Aaron will take your characters’ questions. The Opening Feast isn’t over though, so feel free to continue your threads there if you so desire.

Also, this post was co-written with the author of Madeleine Tennant.

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