I'll be watching you
Fri Jul 13, 2018 21:44

If only the girl had seen her shoes last year. The heels had been so high that Kaye wasn’t sure she could sit on the ground if she tried. Danny used magic to make a stool for her to sit on, which had been pretty nice of him. It sucked that Pretty Boy wasn’t around anymore. Now she had to get food from the house elves instead of from his plate. That meant she had to put forth effort in actually deciding on what to get, stopping a house elf, being nice or whatever, and ugh, it was just so much easier to eat off of his plate. Plus, she no longer had the satisfaction of annoying him or making him uncomfortable.

She did promise that she’d keep an eye on Claudia for him. Kaye glanced around before becoming bored and going back to her food. Claudia was probably fine and unimpressively dressed. Maybe she’d invite her to Pearl Street for a shopping session to check in. This wouldn’t be a favor to Danny, of course. She just knew that if she got a hold of Claudia she could convince the girl that she had so much to offer if she just dressed like she knew she was becoming attractive enough to knock some guys (or girls or whatever, Kaye certainly wasn’t here to assume) on their asses.

It was fun to see how much the younger years were developing, honestly. Some of them were coming into their own but some weren’t (hello, Remington, get rid of your bows and your giant sweaters and dress like you have an actual body, damn). It was annoying how much potential Claudia had. If she could just get away from her boring circle, she could have some fun. Like, Connor was probably predictable and that made her feel comfortable, but she doubted that already dried khaki colored paint was interesting or fun.

Seriously, some of the students could take a cue from this first year’s look. And it was a look. ”That is so pineappling good.” With an attitude to match! Kaye raised her perfectly designed eyebrows and grinned. Maybe RMI wasn’t about to make her suffer through a long, boring seventh year after all.

“Kaye,” she introduced herself to Gigi. Although it may have been difficult for someone to figure out if she was saying her name or just remarking, okay, that’s your name, good to know. As for the house elves, her answer was much more clear. “Yeah, they’re pretty out and about. More so during the opening feast and special events.”

Her parents always preferred paid help over house elves. Her papa was an immigration lawyer and always helped when people were having trouble with ICE. Dad felt weird having house elves around. He grew up with them and it reminded him a lot of being the closeted kid stuck in the lonely house with so many rooms but none of them with people to talk to. When they tried going to family functions a couple of times, she’d seen a house elf or two, so the ones at RMI weren’t too much of a surprise.

“So magic school before, or something else?” She asked with mild curiosity. Gigi caught her interest. Might as well learn a little bit about her.

  • One to Watch - Georgina, Tue Jul 10 15:06
    Georgina had never seen a person who looked like the girl next to her. She’d seen some funny looking people, including a wizard with a beard that was as long as Gigi had been tall, and an old Muggle... more
    • I'll be watching you - Kaye, Fri Jul 13 21:44
      • To see if I'm naughty or nice? - Gigi, Sat Jul 14 15:49
        Kaye asked about Gigi’s prior interactions with house elves. The younger girl deliberated answering while she scooped up a mouthful of her rice salad with fruit in thing. It was pretty good -... more
        • Be naughty, it's more fun - Kaye, Mon Jul 16 10:37
          Ah, so she did come from magic. That was neat. Kaye sometimes wondered what that would be like. She really enjoyed having both Muggle and magical influences in her life, though. She was supposed to... more
          • We’re on the same page - Gigi, Tue Jul 17 09:59
            “Ha, yes,” Georgina said through her food, “I’m going to be an animagus. Even if I’m something ridiculous.” She looked Kaye right in the eye as she said, “My Dad is a duck-billed platypus.” If that... more
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