Okay, so let's dine!
Sat Jul 14, 2018 04:48

Vegans… Were they the people who only ate fruit? Leah definitely wouldn’t ask now for fear of making a fool of herself, but she wrote herself a mental note to look that up later.

However, she obviously knew what gardening was, and thought that it was nice that RMI had a club for it. Leah’s Mama had a garden behind their family home in Switzerland, and naturally, Leah had helped her tend to it every now and again when her Dad had been away. Maybe gardening was something that she could take more seriously here at RMI to improve her Herbology knowledge (which would probably come in handy when working with magical creatures) and make some new friends while she was at it?

Suddenly, Teal waved a house-elf over. Students were allowed to do that? Woah. Leah stared at the big-eyed, bat-eared little being in wonder, realising too late that she was probably being rather impolite. But she couldn’t look away! Did people just get used to them being around all the time? Leah couldn’t imagine that; they were way too fascinating! Apparently, this elf’s name was Mimzie. How sweet!

Much to Leah’s delight, Mimzie eagerly pointed out the vegetarian options and even offered to fetch more food for them to eat. Before Leah knew it, she and Teal were surrounded by house-elves, each of them presenting colourful dishes that looked spectacularly tasty.

When Teal asked Leah if there was anything that caught her eye, Leah was overwhelmed by all the vibrant colours and ensnaring smells. Teal encouraged her to finally get over herself and start eating, but she could hardly choose what to try first. In the end, she settled for what seemed to be a spicy bean and vegetable mixture with a side of (very) flat bread. Picking up the steaming bowl, she inhaled deeply. Oh Merlin! But before she granted herself her first mouthful, she looked up at the other girl and smiled. “Thank you, Teal. I’m Leah! It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Eagerly, she then finally took a bite, almost burning herself, and it tasted heavenly. “My goodness, this is amazing!” She tucked in, forgetting all about her initial nervousness.

Why had she been frightened, especially of Teal? The older girl was very friendly. And because she was a prefect, she was probably in her fifth year, which meant that she had been at RMI for quite a long time. Actually, Leah realised, Teal was the perfect person to ask the questions that she’d been grappling with for a long time. Some of them she’d already directed at her Dad, but because he’d graduated ages ago, he hadn’t been able to answer them satisfactorily.
Still, Leah didn’t want to ask, because she felt like, somehow, she should know all the answers already. By now, everyone else seemed to have a massive head start, and she appeared to be the only one still standing at the start line. But if she didn’t ask soon, she might be left behind for good. Well go on then, silly!

“I don’t want to be annoying,” she carefully began, “but I’m a half-blood and new to the everything-is-100%-magical-thing and I’d like to know…” Leah swallowed and braced herself for what she was about to say. “Can you access the internet around here?”

  • We are in the Finer Diner - Teal, Thu Jul 12 00:26
    There weren’t many people who were afraid of food, but apparently, this firstie was one of them. Her eyes widened at the dumpling before she asked quietly if it had meat. Teal shrugged and made a... more
    • Okay, so let's dine! - Leah, Sat Jul 14 04:48
      • Now you’re getting it - Teal, Sat Jul 14 23:32
        Teal was glad to see Leah, the firstie, grab some food. The other girl had an intriguing accent that Teal couldn’t place, but by now, at the grand old age of 15, she knew better than to ask. She... more
        • And I want to get so much more! - Leah, Thu Jul 19 15:49
          Surprisingly, Teal was very eager to answer Leah’s Internet question. (The fifth-year talked a lot, and a smile lingered on her face while she gestured to underline her words.) But maybe she was only ... more
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