Friendship looking likely
Sat Jul 14, 2018 15:22

“It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse commented. Admittedly his parents were a witch and a wizard, and consequently all of his grandparents knew about magic, too, but he interacted with Muggles on a regular basis when he was at home, and obviously with a lot of witches and wizards while he was at school. He knew that sometimes that was not the case for students, or example Muggleborns when they were just starting school had close to no knowledge of magic at all, and some of the young witches and wizards who had come from all magic families had next to no knowledge of Muggles. Jesse could not be certain, without having tried either seclusion, but he thought he was lucky to be in his position of familiarity with both worlds. It provided him with greater appreciation, he surmised, both for magic and for Muggle technology. It was astounding, really, what Muggles had managed to accomplish without magic, and also how the wizarding world was so behind its magic-less counterpart, for example in terms of communication or access to information.

As for divorced parents, Jesse was not in a position to comment on that at all. His parents didn’t seem like they spent all that much time together, because during the afternoons and evenings his Dad was usually working - just about every weekend, too - and even when she wasn’t working herself, his mother still had to look after all three children, and Lola was still at home a lot because she was so little. Maybe when Felix started RMI and Lola went to school his parents could spend more time together without their children there. Jesse knew they didn’t have much time together because they always said so, but they only ever complained about it and didn’t seem to make any changes to fix the problem. He didn’t really mind. He liked both his parents okay, and they mostly left him alone when he wanted to be left alone, and only got mad when they’d asked him to do something lots and lots of times, but he hadn’t heard them because he had been thinking too hard about something else. His family was okay. He missed the sometimes when he was at school, and it was pleasant spending holidays with them, but it was sometimes nice just to be away at school where he could be his own person, too.

Keith told Jesse that his sister’s name was Gracie, a fact Jesse would try to remember but knew he would forget soon, and probably the pattern would be repeated the next few times Keith told him the same information. Jesse could remember lots of facts about orangutans, or Jupiter, or asphodel root, but he always had difficulty remembering people’s names. “Lola stamps her foot sometimes, now,” Jesse recalled. “Although mostly she just wants to play. She likes tea parties and dressing up as things, sometimes a princess and sometimes a dinosaur,” he elaborated. “I like it when she plays dinosaurs because I can tell her lots about them. We use my old toys and pretend the herbivores are eating the leaves on the plants in the yard,” he told Keith. “I don’t like playing princesses or tea parties, though. Felix plays those games with her. That’s when I read a book or do a puzzle or play with Bruno.” Those really were the main activities Jesse used to occupy his time. “What do you do when you’re not going to Quidditch games?”

  • Yes it is! - Keith, Fri Jul 13 16:54
    Jesse said he would come to a sleepover and Keith grinned at him. Charles would be ecstatic if Keith made friends this term. In fact, his dad had made him promise to make friends this term. The... more
    • Friendship looking likely - Jesse, Sat Jul 14 15:22
      • Yay Friends! - Keith, Sun Jul 15 14:54
        “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse said, and Keith nodded in agreement. As a small kid, his Dad had talked about the wizarding world a lot, but his mom... more
        • It's settled - Jesse, Mon Jul 16 15:00
          Keith praised computers, and Jesse nodded in fervent agreement. His family did not own a single computer between them, because his parents did not have a lot of money, and insisted - much like... more
          • Yes it is. - Keith, Wed Jul 18 15:20
            Keith smiled when Jesse nodded in agreement about his comments on computers. He had wanted his own for a while, but Dad thought they were useless, and Mom had a computer for the whole family but... more
            • Sorted. - Jesse, Sun Jul 22 15:07
              Keith knew a lot more about comic books than Jesse did. His Dad took him to a comic book shop every weeks, and he was going to receive them by mail while he was at school, and he knew there was a... more
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