To see if I'm naughty or nice?
Sat Jul 14, 2018 15:49

Kaye asked about Gigi’s prior interactions with house elves. The younger girl deliberated answering while she scooped up a mouthful of her rice salad with fruit in thing. It was pretty good - aromatic, her Mum might call it - and the segments of citrus and those little red things, whatever they were, tasted sweet and sharp and juicy. It was a good combination. If the house elves cooked the food as well as served it (which she guessed they probably did, because that’s how these critters usually worked, but she wasn’t going to put money on it or anything) she would give them so much credit where it was due. These elves knew their shit. However she couldn’t compare their culinary skills to the elves she’d known before, because she couldn’t really remember the food she’d eaten prior to being five years old. She was forgetful at the best of times, but even people with normally working memories probably didn’t remember pointless details like that.

Swallowing her mouthful, Gigi decided it was probably harmless to answer Kaye’s question. It wasn’t like she was giving every detail about her childhood (and Merlin help her, that was the last thing she would ever do. To anyone.). “Both my parents are Transfiguration professors,” she said with a shrug, like it was no big deal, although honestly it was the first time Georgina had ever been able to tell someone what her parents really did for their livings, and that felt refreshing. Lying to Muggles was kind of crappy, especially her friends, but something about Secrecy and blah blah blah.

“I did some growing up in a magic school in Europe.” She wasn’t going to say which one; it was already dangerously likely that someone at some point was going to look at her surname and figure out that someone with the same name had once taught Transfigurations (and later Spellwork) at RMI. At least she wasn’t at the school where her folks still taught. That would probably suck. Looking up at the staff fire again, raised on its dais, Gigi noted that this school probably had a similar arrangement of allowing family groups to leave onsite. She was going to make it a point to be nice to the staff kids, maybe take them weird shit she accidentally made in class or whatever, because it was cool when an older kid paid attention to you. This one student where she’d lived for a while had always brought Gigi origami animals charmed to move. It had made her feel special or whatever.

“It’s still Spellwork here, right?” Gigi looked at Kaye. She knew the answer already because her parents had both commented on it when deciding on her attending Rocky Mountain - why the hell they found it so very offensive that Charms had been combined into the same class as literally turning one thing into another thing was beyond her - but she didn’t want to look like a nerd in front of possibly the coolest person she had ever met. “And I’m hoping,” she added when Kaye paused, “that there’s more interesting stuff to do here than just classes. Please tell me yes or I might pull a Wendelin the Weird and throw myself into that bonfire right here, right now.”

  • I'll be watching you - Kaye, Fri Jul 13 21:44
    If only the girl had seen her shoes last year. The heels had been so high that Kaye wasn’t sure she could sit on the ground if she tried. Danny used magic to make a stool for her to sit on, which had ... more
    • To see if I'm naughty or nice? - Gigi, Sat Jul 14 15:49
      • Be naughty, it's more fun - Kaye, Mon Jul 16 10:37
        Ah, so she did come from magic. That was neat. Kaye sometimes wondered what that would be like. She really enjoyed having both Muggle and magical influences in her life, though. She was supposed to... more
        • We’re on the same page - Gigi, Tue Jul 17 09:59
          “Ha, yes,” Georgina said through her food, “I’m going to be an animagus. Even if I’m something ridiculous.” She looked Kaye right in the eye as she said, “My Dad is a duck-billed platypus.” If that... more
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