I could get used to this
Sat Jul 14, 2018 16:16

Connor made a compelling case against Claudia being, as she had assumed, a burden. The blonde fifth year felt a complex tugging of emotions at his assertion that despite her pathetic and dependent state he was still enjoying her company. Claudia had never known Connor to be a liar - although she suspected he was rather over indulgent when given the opportunity to compliment her, as he always managed to do so in a way that made her feel simultaneously accomplished in her efforts and embarrassed by his attention - so she was forced to believe that he was genuine in his dismissal of her imposition. Ergo guilt, relief, gratitude, and something warming akin to security all swirled inharmoniously around and amongst her anxiety and self-consciousness. It was exhausting.

When Connor offered to accompany her to the commons, Claudia was dangerously close to crying again, although this time her tears - always held back, never allowed to fall - represented a far more positive emotion. She was so incredibly fortunate to claim Connor as a friend; she didn’t know how she would survive school if forced to endure it without him. “If you would secure the password first, and then return to steady me, I would be most inexpressibly obliged,” she told him, her admiration for his dedication to secure her comfort practically tangible on the words as they passed her lips.

Before he could progress to the staff fire, however, Claudia caught his attention. “Connor,” she smiled at him, finding the expression a great deal easier to summon now. “Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I -” she stopped, suddenly unable to continue, her cheeks turning pink even in the faint blue glow cast by the bonfire. “Thank you.” Perhaps it was unseemly to further obligate Connor to take care of her, or perhaps she did not want to make herself yet more vulnerable than she already felt, but Claudia convinced herself that her cessation was due to the impropriety of revealing more intimate feelings for someone with whom she had not entered into any sort of engagement or agreement. Connor was a dear friend, and the very last thing Claudia would wish to do would be to make him uncomfortable around her.

  • Whatever the lady wishes - Connor, Thu Jul 12 08:03
    Much to his horror, Connor realized that Claudia thought she was being a burden on him. Hastily, he rushed to reassure her that was not the case. “No, of course not,” he said in response to her hope... more
    • I could get used to this - Claudia, Sat Jul 14 16:16
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