Now you’re getting it
Sat Jul 14, 2018 23:32

Teal was glad to see Leah, the firstie, grab some food. The other girl had an intriguing accent that Teal couldn’t place, but by now, at the grand old age of 15, she knew better than to ask. She still didn’t quite understand why asking someone flat-out where they were from was rude, but apparently it was. The accent kinda reminded Teal of her roommate Annie, who was German, and Teal made a mental note to introduce them. Leah might feel more comfortable around someone from her homeland.

She ate another pork bun as Leah asked, suddenly back to being shy, about “the internet”. Why did this kid think it was annoying to ask questions? Teal was a prefect. She was there to be asked questions! (Plus it helped that classes hadn’t started yet, so she wasn’t busy, and she was full of delicious food.) Teal frowned slightly as she nibbled a spanikopita. What was the internet, again? It was clearly a muggle thing… it sounded like something Dad would talk about.

“Oh, don’t worry about being a halfblood,” Teal said, stalling. “I mean, we get all types here. There are some kids who haven’t met another wizard before tonight! So I’m sure you’ll be fine. Plus, we have this class, Cultural Studies, where you learn all about being a muggle. Or a wizard. Both. And about different people around the world, cos we’re Rocky Mountain International.” She waves a hand vaguely to indicate all the students and professors.

Cultural Studies! They’d definitely talked about the Internet in Cultural Studies, when they used — “the computer lab! Yes, I think that has the internet on it. Or it can? Umm, so it’s in the library, so you’d want to ask Ms Toladeri, or you could ask Professor Blair, cos she’s the one who actually teaches Cultural Studies. Sorry, it’s been a while since I took the class. I dropped it after my third year.”

Teal ate a scoop of the dahl, then realized Leah probably thought she’d failed out of the course. “We’re allowed to drop classes,” she added hastily. “After your third year. You have your STOATS— those are the tests— and then you can start taking new classes in your fourth year. I wanted to take Divinations and Ancient Runes and Mag-Science, so I dropped Cultural Studies so I had room.” Also because Cultural Studies was boring, in Teal’s humble opinion, but she shouldn’t say that to a firstie.

  • Okay, so let's dine! - Leah, Sat Jul 14 04:48
    Vegans… Were they the people who only ate fruit? Leah definitely wouldn’t ask now for fear of making a fool of herself, but she wrote herself a mental note to look that up later. However, she... more
    • Now you’re getting it - Teal, Sat Jul 14 23:32
      • And I want to get so much more! - Leah, Thu Jul 19 15:49
        Surprisingly, Teal was very eager to answer Leah’s Internet question. (The fifth-year talked a lot, and a smile lingered on her face while she gestured to underline her words.) But maybe she was only ... more
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