... about dragons or heartache?
Sun Jul 15, 2018 05:25

Leah snorted a laugh through her tears. “Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you!”

She quickly wiped her eyes, feeling silly already. “But I’m not afraid of manticores. Dragons are much scarier, to be honest.” Leah conjured up a mental image of the Antipodean Opaleye, her favourite dragon in the reservation. “Because they’re so powerful and majestic. And fascinating and beautiful of course, which are already four reasons why they have to be treated with the utmost respect.”

Elliot seemed to love dragons as well, which was fantastic! Her Dad had told her that there were quite a few wizards and witches who believed all dragons should be killed so that they wouldn’t cause the wizarding community any more trouble, but to Leah, the mere thought of a dying dragon was horrifying. Dragon opposers must be mad or simply heartless.
When she suddenly started to hiccup (which always seemed to happen when she experienced too many emotions at once), she buried her head in her hands, ashamed. What a terrible impression she must be making on Elliot… Maybe she should give him some context.

“Being here at RMI is incredibly exciting, but I…” She shook her head, trying to make her words make sense. “It’s just that … I’m so far away from home. My parents live in Switzerland, and I won’t be able to see them for ages.”

Was she the only one in this position? She hoped not. Maybe Elliot could relate somehow?

“Aren’t you scared of feeling homesick? Don’t you think you’ll miss your family?”

  • Tell me more, tell me more - Elliot, Thu Jul 12 12:18
    “Oh wow, that sounds awesome,” Elliot said. His family didn’t have any pets. His mother was an Animagus, so she could turn into a peregrine falcon and sometimes they played games like you might with... more
    • ... about dragons or heartache? - Leah, Sun Jul 15 05:25
      • Dragons sound more exciting - Elliot, Sun Jul 15 20:22
        “ Hey, I think they’d prefer me to you! ” Elliot snorted a laugh too. Oh good, it worked. Sometimes people got really weird about being teased, even if you’d been getting along just fine with them... more
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