Not quiet enough, actually
Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:30

In avoiding the bonfires of his friends’ former Houses, Emmett had a 50-50 chance. And, as fate would of course have it, he had chosen wrong. Draco would have probably been better. There was nobody in Draco. Susan Ober, sure, but she wasn’t too bad. A conversation with her, had one occurred, would have certainly been better than….

Um, hi.

Yup, fantastic.

Would you... like some company? Or food? You're welcome to a skewer, I have extra

Now on one hand, there was a part of Emmett that couldn’t deny that this was a pretty nice gesture. Russell saw him sitting alone and at the wrong fire and tried to be a pal. But at the same time, it was Russell. “I don’t want your pity, Russell,” the Lyra snapped. That was the last thing he needed: pity from Russell. “Or should I say, Mr. Head Boy? Anything else you’d like to steal from me while you’re at it, transfer?”

Emmett knew that was uncalled for even as he said it, so he forced his mouth shut, grinding his teeth. His arms crossed defensively over his chest. He would most likely apologize after the fact, maybe a few days later, but for now, despite knowing he should, he really didn’t want to. He just wanted Russell to go away. Or for himself to go away. Either/or was fine by him.

  • Too quiet - Russell Drew, Sun Jul 8 19:57
    The summer had been too long. But also not long enough. Too long, due to the repeated passive-aggressive attempts of his mother to steer him towards decisions about college, information pamphlets... more
    • Not quiet enough, actually - Emmett, Sun Jul 15 10:30
      • Fortunately I have no words left - Russell, Sun Jul 15 22:19
        Emmett wasn’t often in a good mood. Specifically, not often in a good mood around him. In fact Russell was pretty sure that the only instance in which they had spent time together and the other boy... more
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