Yay Friends!
Sun Jul 15, 2018 14:54

“It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse said, and Keith nodded in agreement. As a small kid, his Dad had talked about the wizarding world a lot, but his mom had also told Keith not to believe everything Charles told him. For a lot of childhood, he had thought his dad was a Muggle stage magician and not a real wizard. It wasn’t until some accidental magic during a fight with his Mom did the second year actually believe. He had made her hair look like fire, it hadn’t harmed Helen just scared her. Afterward, Dad had come over and made mom forget after turning her hair back. That was when the second year was about five or six. There had been a few other accidental magic uses, but Dad was always able to smooth it over.

“It’s super weird. Computers are a great thing, and I’m surprised more Wizards don’t use them. My dad says he just doesn’t need them. My mom just tells me I have an overactive imagination when I talk about anything Wizarding related. I’ve learned pretty quick to not tell her about RMI besides the most basic of facts.” Keith explained. It was hard having to hide part of himself from his mom, but she was so anti-magic it wasn’t a surprise to him that his parents had divorced. Of course, according to his Dad, she hadn’t always been so. When they got married, she had been ok with Charles and his quirks. Something had changed during the few years they were married, and according to his Dad, he never could pinpoint what had changed.

Jesse mentioned that his little stamped her foot sometimes his caused Keith to laugh. He couldn’t picture his little sister stamping her foot anytime soon. Sure she was walking, but it wasn’t really walking, more like stumbling with purpose. The blonde nodded when his roommate talked about how he played with his sister. Keith hoped Gracie would play dinosaurs with him when she was a bit older. “That sounds like fun. I have plenty of dinosaurs in my mom's attic. Maybe when Gracie is a bit older, I’ll get them down and play with her.”

When Jesse asked about what other things besides Quidditch did Keith do. He paused for a moment. “I like reading a lot mostly fantasy books, but I also like comic books. I spend a lot of time building Gundam models. I like watching cartoons and movies too.” Keith said. He knew most of his hobbies were solitary ones, but he liked to be alone.

“What about your hobbies?” Keith asked genuinely interested. He hoped they might share one or two. It would make being friends a little easier. They would have a built-in hobby to do together. Sure building Gundams was mostly solitary, but they could do it at the same time.

  • Friendship looking likely - Jesse, Sat Jul 14 15:22
    “It’s interesting living in the middle of the Muggle and magical worlds,” Jesse commented. Admittedly his parents were a witch and a wizard, and consequently all of his grandparents knew about magic, ... more
    • Yay Friends! - Keith, Sun Jul 15 14:54
      • It's settled - Jesse, Mon Jul 16 15:00
        Keith praised computers, and Jesse nodded in fervent agreement. His family did not own a single computer between them, because his parents did not have a lot of money, and insisted - much like... more
        • Yes it is. - Keith, Wed Jul 18 15:20
          Keith smiled when Jesse nodded in agreement about his comments on computers. He had wanted his own for a while, but Dad thought they were useless, and Mom had a computer for the whole family but... more
          • Sorted. - Jesse, Sun Jul 22 15:07
            Keith knew a lot more about comic books than Jesse did. His Dad took him to a comic book shop every weeks, and he was going to receive them by mail while he was at school, and he knew there was a... more
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