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Mon Jul 16, 2018 09:49

Remington realized that her job at Opening Feasts seemed to be educating people. One of her favorite conversations was the year that she met Anssi. They’d talked about Johnny Appleseed, and she’d made a new friend. It was a little weirder now that she was getting to be on the older side of the student body. She thought that, maybe, she was still considered a younger year as a fourth year. However, as a fourth year, she was able to choose her own courses. That made her feel like an upper year!

She hoped that the class breakdowns worked so she could still have class with Drew sometimes. Classes with third years would always be fun and interesting. Anssi was a considerate partner, Drew was a fun partner, and Kit was… certainly entertaining. Since Remington was the type of person who found classes to be just as an exciting social prospect as other activities, she didn’t want to give up the idea that she’d get to hang out with her friends in that setting. Everyone could get together on Pearl Street now, though, and that could be fun. Drew especially knew Pearl Street better than she possibly could - which she learned when they hung out over the summer - and it would be fun to explore the mall more with him.

Maybe Dade would get over whatever his problem was and just talk to her, then this year could possibly be the most perfect one yet.

The student next to her repeated his question, which turned out to be house elf themed. At least, that’s what she landed on as what he meant by “turkeys.” Remington had a love-hate relationship with the concept of house elves. According to all the books and research and everything she could ever find about this, they genuinely enjoyed doing work for people. It still felt a tad bit too slave-y for her comfort. The ones at Rocky Mountain International felt more like really busy nannies than unhappy maids, though, and she liked being able to tell people about them. She didn’t want anyone to end up with the idea that they were unimportant creatures at the school that could be verbally abused.

“Yeah, of course. They’re house elves,” Remington responded brightly, “And they’re really sweet. That one with the carrot sticks is Pip. She makes the best frozen hot chocolate you can get here. Honestly I might ask her for some before I go up to Draco. I tried making it at home but I couldn’t get it right.” She smiled at the younger student. “My name is Remington. I’m a fourth year. Welcome to RMI!”

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    • Do we appreciate it? - Remington, Mon Jul 16 09:49
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