Ooh you're my best friend
Mon Jul 16, 2018 16:27

Yeaaah, Myffi’s summer had gone pretty much exactly how he’d imagined it but the hiking part actually sounded cool. “Nice. I wouldn’t mind going hiking but I don’t know if I could spend twenty-two days alone with any of my sisters,” he said in jest. Granted most of his sister’s were under ten but these days even Brandy was difficult to be around. Before he’d found out he was a wizard and everything, they’d gotten along well perhaps because they were closest in age, but now they were living two seperate lives, him with one foot in the wizarding world and Brandy in the Muggle one. They’d had a huge fight over the summer too which hadn't done much to help repair their relationship. Brandy had announced she was moving in with her useless boyfriend and Leo had been less than enthusiastic. So she’d gone and followed family tradition and got herself knocked up before twenty, Leo didn’t see how moving out was going to help. The father-to-be wasn’t exactly a catch- he’d had three jobs in the last five months and currently made his money mopping the floors of a convenience store. The way Leo saw it she would have been better off dumping the idiot and going alone. Sure he wasn’t thrilled about being an uncle but he would have helped out, dropped out of school, gotten a job- anything if it meant he didn’t have to see that moron sitting at the table for Christmas dinner making his stupid knock-knock jokes as if everyone hadn’t heard them all a million times before.

“Yeah,” Leo replied dryly, “I suppose he’ll be expecting the grand tour. Think I should introduce him to Shifty?” Actually, Leo reckoned Eugene would love to meet Shifty so it was a scenario best avoided. The way Leo saw it his only real obligation was to keep Eugene out of trouble but it was looking like that might be a little more difficult than he’d imagined. He knew that some of the younger kids were a bit crazy and had to wonder if the staff had all become so apathetic toward their ‘vocations’ they’d given up on disciplining the younger years altogether. He certainly didn’t remember it being so tense when he was a first year.

Leo was surprised to find himself beaming at Myffi’s affirmation that, “we’ll have plenty of distractions this year.” Yes, he thought, he rather liked being part of a “We” which was strange because until Myffi had come along, he’d always been a loner and had convinced himself he preferred it that way. “Yeah, we’ll have to make the most of it= being your last year and all. Do you have any plans for after graduation?” Leo had no plans for his future but Myffi probably had some idea. She was too smart to just finish school with no real idea of what came next and he’d like to know what she was getting up to, and then maybe he could challenge himself to pick up a pen and write her the occasional letter to hear all about her next great venture to save the planet.

Leo hadn’t hated Agriclub as much as he thought he might but he’d only attended sporadically last year as Myffi had been the real draw for him- he’d felt it was important to support his one friend when he’d only be lying around the common room anyway. He wasn’t sure he’d keep it up once Myffi left and he definitely wasn’t going to offer to keep the club afloat. There were some things that were just too much even for a friend as nice as Myffi. Besides there was bound to be some other tree-huggers at RMI who’d love the chance to boss people around. Hmm, on second thought maybe he should stick around just to make sure whichever under-qualified egomaniac took over wouldn’t ruin Myffi’s legacy. He would try to attend most of the meeting this year and the feast sounded like it could be a laugh. “Sounds great. I’ll definitely be there,” Leo assured her.

“Yeah, I’m hoping to get back on the team as a chaser. Now that Danny’s left there’s a spot open.” Leo didn’t see how he couldn’t get it. He’d done his best to keep in shape over the summer even if flying wasn’t an option- another unfair advantage purebloods like Taylor had over people like him. It wasn’t bad enough they’d had their whole lives to hone their skills, they still got to play over the summer too and Leo had never even seen a real match. He could only hope he wouldn’t be stuck taking orders from Taylor, he’d nearly rather have Kit Kendrick as his Captain and that would be something else.

  • It's what friends are for - Myfanwy, Thu Jul 12 07:04
    Leo brushed off his summer in the way Myffi would have expected him to, and returned the question to her instead. She nodded enthusiastically while she finished her mouthful of flatbread, before... more
    • Ooh you're my best friend - Leo, Mon Jul 16 16:27
      • I think you might be mine - Myffi, Tue Jul 17 14:59
        She tried not to be surprised when Leo confessed he might enjoy hiking. Even though he played Quidditch and attended AgriClub, Myfanwy hadn’t thought of him as an especially outdoorsy sort of person. ... more
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