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Mon Jul 16, 2018 20:04

Eugene nodded when Hunter didn’t seem 100% sure what year Leopold was in. That made sense. Sometimes Eugene got confused about how old Leopold was and what year he was in too because once Leopold was in one year and then he came home and yelled at Mom and Jeb. There had been an entire Thing and when Eugene had asked Leopold had explained that he was going to be in the same year again because he didn’t wear his glasses enough which meant he couldn’t see well enough to go on to the next year. Eugene always wore his glasses though so he thought he would probably be OK. “It’s his birthday,” Eugene tilted his head from side to side as he tried to add all the dates together, “in two weeks. He’s going to be seventeen which is super old and a real special wizard age but he’s not in sixth year- because of his glasses.” Eugene was thinking about getting Leopold a present but he didn’t really know what Leopold would like. He thought maybe he’d make a card but he didn’t know if a regular card would be any good now that he was a wizard. It would be awesome if he could make a card with a giant smiling mouth-like a clown because Eugene really liked clowns so Leopold probably did too- that spat out glitter when you opened it. And sang Happy Birthday! Eugene would have to ask around and see if any of the older students would help him make one because you had to be able to do stuff like that if you were magic for as many years as Leopold was.

Eugene waited tensely as Hunter judged his handshaking which probably didn’t make his handshaking any better but that’s just how things went sometimes. Performance anxiety-yeah those were the proper words for what he had. Seemed like maybe Hunter had a case of it too because he wasn’t all that sure that he was judging all that well. “I’ve never judged a judge before but I think you’re doing really well,” Eugene encouraged with a small giggle.

The rabbit men weren't rabbit men at all but house elves. They didn’t look like any elf Eugene had seen but then Eugene had never really seen one. Just pictures and movie elves. “Does every house have its own eleves? Do they all get sorted too? I didn’t see any up there when I was getting sorted,” Eugene thought for a moment and then reasoned, “but I’m kind of small. Maybe I just didn't see them over all the other people.”

Eugene realised that he had forgot to stop shaking hands which meant he probably hadn’t done alright after all but it was fine because now he’d know for the next time. Finally dropping Hunter’s hand, Eugene ran in the direction of one of the elves and raising a fist in the air cried, “Bulgogi!”

  • Let's give him a hand, folks - Hunter, Mon Jul 16 19:00
    “Do you know my brother?” The new kid had nodded vaguely in the direction of Leo and Myffi. Hunter didn’t think it was very likely that Myffi was Eugene’s brother so he probably meant Leo. Also the... more
    • *takes a bow* - Eugene, Mon Jul 16 20:04
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