I think you might be mine
Tue Jul 17, 2018 14:59

She tried not to be surprised when Leo confessed he might enjoy hiking. Even though he played Quidditch and attended AgriClub, Myfanwy hadn’t thought of him as an especially outdoorsy sort of person. “We should go together some time,” she suggested, smiling. “Maybe not for three whole weeks, but we could definitely go for a few days or something.” Myffi and Cledan had both enjoyed the time together, and had discussed doing it again maybe the following summer. “A couple of other people joined me and Cledan for part of the time,” she shrugged, continuing to be vague about who those other people had been. “I love just being out in nature, with no real responsibilities, no time constraints.” Also sometimes it was a relief to get away from people, but sometimes it was a relief to get back among people, too, so Myffi decided not to add the last benefit. Besides, she had just been elected a representative of the student body, she probably shouldn’t go on about needing to get away from people sometimes.

“I don’t personally believe poltergeists and first year students are a good mix,” Myffi said diplomatically, chuckling lightly. “Maybe show him one of the passages,” she suggested, “then you’ll be the coolest older brother in the school.” She hadn’t found out about the secret passageways until she was in fifth year, and had been at the school half a term already, when Kit Kendrick had explained that they run all through the school. “Just maybe don’t tell him there are loads,” she suggested mischievously. It would probably be fun for Eugene to do some exploring of his own.

It was simply lovely when Leo smiled. He didn’t do it all that often, he was such a grumpy little raincloud sometimes, but actually even his grumps seemed to be short-lived these days. Like right now, in a short time he’d gone from his miserable comment about settling for better than last year, to smiling and suggesting, “Yeah, we’ll have to make the most of it.” Myffi had really enjoyed the two years she’s spent at RMI so far, and the third was already looking promising. She wasn’t sad about leaving, exactly, because she had known she’d only be a student for a short duration, but she was going to miss how easily she had made friends here, and how much fun it was to be with lots of other witches and wizards her own age. That was another draw of college, she supposed, but it might still not be enough to sway her.

“Haven’t really decided,” she averted Leo’s question about her post-graduation plans. “It’s a big world, I’m sure I’ll find something to keep me busy.” It was much easier to focus on her plans for this year, rather than ideas for afterwards. Like Leo definitely coming to her bonfire and buffet, and him rejoining the Quidditch team. “I’ll definitely come and watch you play,” she told him. She had been to see all the Quidditch game anyway, but it was so important to Leo, and he hadn’t been able to take part last year, so Myfanwy was planning to make up for it this year by cheering from the crowds (unless the Lyra team was really short on players, in which case she might help them out, but really she wasn’t all that good and her schedule was going to be so full she wasn’t over eager to add Quidditch practise to it, too). “And come watch you in the show, too, if you’re doing that again this year,” she phrased her promise like a question. She thought Leo had been really good in the school production, so if he wanted another part he’d probably be cast.

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    Yeaaah, Myffi’s summer had gone pretty much exactly how he’d imagined it but the hiking part actually sounded cool. “Nice. I wouldn’t mind going hiking but I don’t know if I could spend twenty-two... more
    • I think you might be mine - Myffi, Tue Jul 17 14:59
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