Not in the slightest
Tue Jul 17, 2018 22:54

Sadie rolled her eyes so hard that they could’ve fallen out of her head, and Elliot laughed at her tone. “Probably pretty fast,” he answered her question, although he wasn’t sure. He’d packed all of his textbooks for the year three times (thanks Ari) and they were taking a ton of classes. All of the first years had to take a flying class on top of the seven other classes, and Elliot was sure all of those would have homework. Plus he was gonna sign up for the Aquila Quidditch team, and apparently there was a dueling club too, which Elliot wanted to join almost as much as he wanted to do Quidditch. That wouldn’t leave much time left for searching for passageways, especially if there was a curfew or something.

Elliot snagged a piece of cheesecake too, but he was still working on his nachos, so he just put the plate on the ground next to him. The next chip he ate had extra jalapeños on it and it had a little bit more of a kick. They were really good nachos. If all the food at RMI was like this, that would be great.

Uncle Hayden and Cosette were trolling Sadie, but if Elliot asked, his parents might tell him where the passageways were. They might refuse, though. Mama would definitely refuse if she knew that Sadie’s parents hadn’t told her. She usually joined in when there was a prank or something like that going on. Elliot would bet that Dad knew about some of the passageways too, but Dad always made Elliot do his first playthrough of a game blind, without walkthroughs or strategy guides, and that would probably be true about exploring RMI too.

Bet. Now there was an idea. “I could do that,” Elliot said slowly, dragging the sounds out. “Orrrrr we could make a bet. Whoever finds one first wins.” Since they didn’t know where the passageways might go, he didn’t want to make the bet location-specific. It wouldn’t be fair if the bet was “who can sneak into the other person’s common room via passageway first” and then there was no secret passage into one of those places.

You couldn’t just throw out a bet with no terms, though. “Rules are… it only counts if you discover it yourself, you can’t be told about it. So I can’t ask my parents, you can’t ask your aunts, no help from other students or house elves or portraits or any other sentient or intelligent beings,” he added, to board up the loopholes. Elliot was more about following the letter of the law than the spirit of it, and he thought Sadie was the same way. “And as soon as one of us finds one, we have to tell the other and show them.”

  • Are we surprised? - Sadie, Mon Jul 16 20:08
    “No,” Sadie answered with the biggest roll of her eyes that she could muster, just to let Elliot know how much she hated that nonsense. She wanted to know where the passageways were, and her parents... more
    • Not in the slightest - Elliot, Tue Jul 17 22:54
      • We know each other well - Sadie, Sat Jul 21 20:08
        Sadie couldn’t wait to start exploring Rocky Mountain International. Pretty much everyone she’d ever known in her life had worked there, gone to school there, or both. There were lots of fun stories... more
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